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Motorcycle Clovers

Regular readers of this column already know what a Clover is. It is someone who - among other things - refuses to move over...

Clovers and Diaperers

The Sickness Cult is a natural consequence of the Safety Cult; both are fundamentally worry-wart cults. Something might happen - so everything (no matter...

Clovers, Revisited

The question comes up every now and then: What is a "Clover"? It's living creature! Also an inside baseball term for them, used by EPautos...

Ear Tags & Clovers

This began as an ear tag update - more than 100 in the herd now! - but became a rant about Clovers. I picked...

The Fun Clovers Killed

Several years ago, I wrote an article (see here) about converting the "shaker" hood scoop of my 1976 Trans-Am from decorative to functional. Many people...

Two Wheeled Clovers and Amberlamps Chasers

I got an e-mail alerting me to an outfit - ostensibly, a biker outfit - that is agitating for a national "zero tolerance" standard...

Reader Question: The No Clovers Logo?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply!  Philip asks: Could you explain your logo to me? I cannot find and explanation of its...

No Clovers Coasters!

Just wanted to "hip" everyone to the new thank-you I'll be sending to everyone who supports the site with a $20 donation or more......

Deconstructing CloverSpeak

The other day, I posted a rant (here) about MSM writers referring to CAFE fuel efficiency regs as being about "emissions" - which is...

Clovers’ Union

The Clovers who style themselves Consumers Union - not having been elected to this status by any actual "consumers" - have decided they want...
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