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Lane Blocking Clover

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Here’s Today’s Clover: Olde Farte in a big black SmoooooVee… who hasn’t learned to use his rearview mirror and doesn’t grok the concept of moving over to the right to let faster-moving traffic get by: Doncha just love these Clovers? All it takes is a spoonful of poo to ruin a gallon of ice cream….…

None Shall Pass Clovers

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Here’s a video of the None Shall Pass Clover: As is typical, this Clover (the guy in the left lane, blocking the left lane)  was in (not driving) a high-end/high-performance vehicle with three times the power and 50 percent more capability than his Cloverific self has any idea how to use, much less the inclination…

Clover’s Colon Coughs

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She’s back!   clover afsdfsfsd@hotmail.com Submitted on 2015/11/10 at 10:55 pm | In reply to Eightsouthman. Eightsouthman from the libertarian point of view the only thing the cop should do in this case is run the other way. You are the ones who kiss the ass of thieves, robbers, drunk dirvers and rapists. The…

More of Clover!

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Back by unpopular demand? clover afsdfsfsd@hotmail.com Submitted on 2015/11/05 at 10:33 pm | In reply to Mark in BC. Schooling is far from all memorization. It is about logical thinking. Something that Libertarians all fail at. Dirty Laundry 31View Post No Select comment clover afsdfsfsd@hotmail.com Submitted on 2015/11/05 at 10:17 pm | In…

Clover’s Posts

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Some of you may miss him, so here he is:  So Eric if the VW fumes are so clean then pump them into your house and see what happens. I know Eric you think that all people and businesses have the right to lie and cheat others. If they slow you down by a second…

Anyone Miss Clover?

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You’ve probably noticed fewer posts from Clover lately. It’s not that he hasn’t been posting. It’s that I’ve been trashing. Agree? Or disagree? Want him, full bloom? Or clipped? (Those of who who are Contributors can view his four latest in the Trash; I can resurrect them if there’s interest. I myself am weary of…

When Clovers Kill (Or Try To)

crum Clover

You may have seen the video. A guy on motorcycle, girlfriend riding along, blitzes by some cars. Well, he tried to. An aging psychopath in the lead car by the name of William Crum – who apparently believes that passing over the double yellow and above the speed limit ought to be a  capital offense…

Clovers… On the Road (and Otherwise)

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I’m often asked – what’s a Clover? Technically, it’s a specific person – an incredibly persistent troll on these pages who identified himself (herself?) using that handle. After awhile, it stuck – became a general term, describing a mentality (reflexive authoritarian and collectivist) rather than one particular individual. We all know Clovers. They constitute the…

Safety Clovers/Van Down By The River

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I was driving around in a new VW Golf (though not a TDI) doing a little video monologue, my V1 radar detector on but muted… because the VW, like more and more new cars, emanates its own radar signature. For saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety: It is a function of the “collision avoidance” or some other obnoxious/can’t-skip-it technology the car comes with…

Automated Clover


Here’s a video of our automated and Cloverific future: This is how it will be when all cars are externally controlled to never go faster than the speed limit and usually a lot slower. For “safety,” of course.