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Safety Clovers/Van Down By The River

van by the river pic

I was driving around in a new VW Golf (though not a TDI) doing a little video monologue, my V1 radar detector on but muted… because the VW, like more and more new cars, emanates its own radar signature. For saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety: It is a function of the “collision avoidance” or some other obnoxious/can’t-skip-it technology the car comes with…

Automated Clover


Here’s a video of our automated and Cloverific future: This is how it will be when all cars are externally controlled to never go faster than the speed limit and usually a lot slower. For “safety,” of course.

Hillbilly Clover and Harley Hinkiness

Clover pic

Today, I rolled up on this Clover: Dude was moping along at 33-35 MPH on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit. I followed him – was stuck behind him – for a couple of miles. He made no effort to pull off onto the shoulder or into one of several parking lots he…

Clovers Ed

student driver pic

As a rule, poor drivers aren’t born. They are made. The other day, I came upon one such in process. She (as it happened) was obstructing five or six cars, all bunched up behind her. The speed limit was 55. She was doing between 40 and 45. On the roof of her car, a placard read:…

Blocked in by a Clover

dancing Clover

I was out for a drive early Sunday morning when – like a spoonful of crap in a gallon of ice cream – a Clover ruined everything. It was a guy in an old truck with a mower in the back. Understandably, he was driving slowly. A truck with lawn equipment in the back is…

Spoonful o’ Clover!

It just takes a spoonful to ruin a gallon of ice cream… If you value independent media, please support independent media. We depend on you to keep the wheels turning!  Our donate button is here.  If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is: EPautos 721 Hummingbird Lane SE Copper Hill, VA 24079 PS: EPautos…

Summer Slows (And a Fresh Clover Video)


Just a quick note to thank all who’ve recently chipped in. Another batch of stickers is headed out tomorrow! We’re still a few quarts low on the dipstick – but I’m hoping that’ll change during the next few days. You guys – EPautos’ readers – have always come through and I’m confident you will again. PS:…

Clover Has Been Humbled

camel cutch

Thanks to ooorgle – EPautos’ new WP Jedi Master – the ur troll Clover has been humbled like that jabroni Hulk Hogan. He – or rather, his government paymasters – have been unable to infiltrate the new spam filters. Huzzah! But, I’d like to know whether any useful people (that’s the rest of you) have…

Today’s Clover

dancing Clover

I encountered this Clover Conga today, on the way home: The lead Clover being a motorcycle Clover, who kept about an eighth of a mile following distance between himself and a large commercial truck. Behind the motorcycle Clover, a Prius Clover – who maintained a similarly extended following distance. This extended Clover Conga ends up…

Cloverism Leads to a Wreck

Camaro 3

There’s a video circulating online that shows events leading up to a pretty awful wreck involving a Camaro, a pick-up truck and a tractor-trailer big rig. Most of the jeers are directed at the Camaro’s driver, who made the final Bad Move (an attempted pass on the left shoulder) that led to the actual wreck.…