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Cloverism Leads to a Wreck

Camaro 3

There’s a video circulating online that shows events leading up to a pretty awful wreck involving a Camaro, a pick-up truck and a tractor-trailer big rig. Most of the jeers are directed at the Camaro’s driver, who made the final Bad Move (an attempted pass on the left shoulder) that led to the actual wreck.…

A Driving Lesson For Clover

85th percentile graphic

How does one pass another car safely and legally? Thanks to Clovers (see here to learn more about them) it is a functional impossibility. First, Clovers impose deliberately unrealistic, under-posted speed limits on most roads in order to frustrate and criminalize virtually all drivers all the time. To make driving an unpleasant, slow-motion grind. This is…

Maxima Clover!

dancing Clover

Rolled up behind this Clover the other day – the day after it snowed. By which time the roads were clear and dry. But Clover kept his speed around 33 MPH (posted 45-55 zone) just to be saaaaaaaaaaafe!

Ambulance Clover

dancing Clover

This is a classic – the Ambulance Clover. Won’t move over, even for an emergency vehicle with flashing lights. Made the ambulance pass him on the right. Because Clover never moves over. Not even for an ambulance with lights flashing and siren wailing. Clover’s in no hurry… Just be glad it’s not you (or someone…

Left Lane Lexus Clover

dancing Clover

Here’s another left-lane/won’t-move-over Clover, driving (of course) his Lexus “sport sedan”: What is it with Clovers and “sport sedans”? It’s like Liberace with a copy of Penthouse. What’s the point? At first, the Clover paced the car to his right, preventing anyone from passing. Then, Clover sped up (don’t Clovers oppose speeeeeeeeeeeeeeding?). But Clover would…

Five Car Length Clover

dancing Clover

I got stuck behind this slug the other day: The lead Clover is way ahead of him; 5-6 car lengths (at 40 MPH). This makes it damned hard to get around the lead Clover. It seems they like to work together to “keep you safe.”! If you value independent media, please support independent media. We…