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Florida Hero Shows Who’s Boss

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Cell phone video captured at a Florida bus station reveals the shocking treatment a man received from a Broward county law enforcement officer. According to the video’s author, the man, identified as Bruce Laclair, was sleeping on a bench when Officer Victor Ramirez began demanding he leave the property. While being escorted off the premises,…

FLA Heroes Taze Old Man

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Shocking video out of Florida shows police tasering an elderly man despite the fact that his hands are up and he appears to be offering no resistance. The clip, which was filmed by a family on their way to Key West, shows cops yelling at people inside the vehicle before the elderly man exits the…

Three Months in Jail… For Vitamin Possession

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Legal vitamins mistaken for “meth.” MANKATO, MN — A man spent nearly three months in jail on felony drug possession charges after police searched him during a traffic stop and found vitamin supplements. Joseph Burrell, 31, was pulled over by police in November 2014 when he was observed allegedly driving without his headlights on. The…

Four Hero Videos

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A string of  repulsive videos has been posted to YouTube in the last 24 hours of police officers violating the rights of people who choose to film them. The videos are of police encounters from California all the way to Florida. Apparently there are still cops across the country who haven’t heard of YouTube yet. Well,…