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Failure to Use Turn Signal Leads To….

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Video shows a Texas trooper trying to pull Bland out of her car after she refused to put out her cigarette Some debate whether she should have been arrested Bland died three days later in a Texas jail; authorities said she committed suicide, but her family doubts Anger over Sandra Bland’s death in a Texas…

Hut! Hut! Heroes Flashbang The Wrong House (Again)

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Boise Police and Swat were serving a warrant inside an apartment building on July 16th for theft and drugs.  They busted down the door and threw a flash-bang into the apartment unit.  The only problem was, it was the wrong address. Police Deputy Operations Chief Eugene Smith said Friday the error “is rare and certainly…

Hero on The Run

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John Walsh wants to catch every fugitive profiled on his CNN show, “The Hunt.” But he wants to catch Daniel William Hiers a bit more than most. “I have been looking for Dan Hiers for over 10 years. I had the ‘John Walsh Personal 10 Most Wanted,’ and Dan Hiers is still on that list,”…

Georgia Heroes Dislike Being Video’d

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In the latest video uploaded to YouTube by LibertyisForEveryone, Macomb County Sheriff’s deputies wasted at least 10 man hours of time stalking and harassing a couple of photographers that were simply filming the Sheriff’s Department building. In the video the deputies never say that the photographers are detained, but follow them around and demand ID. The…