Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

Audio clips of Eric's radio interviews

Citizen Arrested at Suspicionless Checkpoint for Not Obeying Petty Commands

Kurt Nimmo May 1, 2013 In Georgia, a citizen was arrested last month at an unconstitutional checkpoint for refusing to obey cops demanding he fully roll down his car window. The man was...

Mercedes S At Night (And Night Vision)

The year is not 1987 - and Buck Rogers' space Pinto hasn't got anything on the 2014 Mercedes S-Class I've got this week:

TSA Molests Three Year Old With Spina Bifida

Here's why I won't fly. The urge to break someone's jay would be overwhelming:

The Beating and Premature Death of Rodney King

The man whose videotaped beating by police officers led to the 1992 Los Angeles riots has been found dead in his swimming pool. Rialto Police captain Randy Deanda said King was found...

EP on the Bryan Hyde Show

Here's the audio from today's appearance on the Bryan Hyde Show: . depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us. Will you help us?  Our donate...

150-Strong Thug Scrum Takes Down “Doomesday Prepper”

A “doomsday prepper” in a rural area of Maryland became a target for police and the FBI after he told an undercover cop that he was “very irritated” about Barack Obama’s...

The Nike Riots

Top-drawer piece on rioting maggots, "flash mobs," etc:  Just Do it! What The Nike Riots Tell Us By Paul Kersey Just Do It! This simple phrase is the slogan for one of most ubiquitous global...

Copsucker Bill O”Reilly Derides Filming Heroes

Watch the aging Republican bully ridicule people who film Heroes "doing their job":

A True Libertarian Test

Are you really a Libertarian? Your answer to the following question can help you decide. Question: I believe the following should be prohibited on public and undeveloped property: Giving birth, raising children, eating,...

OBama launches yet another “intervention”

This guy is even worse than The Chimp - who after all only invaded two countries. Obama has added at least three more to the roster:   October 15, 2011  -- WASHINGTON, D.C....
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