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  3. A new place to discuss firearms and related issues!
  4. My new Sig
  5. CWP?
  6. Castle law
  7. Carrying in parks, national forests
  8. Obama and CWP/guns generally
  9. Initial impressions of Sig P220
  10. Do you hunt?
  11. NRA store...
  12. Revolver or semi-auto?
  13. Will Obama try to ban guns ?
  14. Comprehensive list for holster suppliers
  15. Not all women are anti-gun!
  16. Military used to suppress dissent in U.S./prospect of martial law
  17. Troops deployed on U.S. streets, ready to carry out "crowd control"
  18. Most Americans agree Second Amendment protects an individual right
  19. Ideal for home defense...
  20. Be patriotic - don't vote
  21. Orange County Sheriff Takes Away Conceal Carry Permits
  22. Congressional and Senate Candidates on 2nd Amendment
  23. Inside the pants holster
  24. Crime Watch
  25. If a President Obama - and a Democrat Congress - ban guns, what will you do?
  26. Get involved, get active
  27. Gun sales thriving in uncertain times
  28. TSA deciding whether to ban guns in airports
  29. Where do you shoot?
  30. Gun oil/cleaners
  31. Fears of Democrat crackdown lead to gun sales boom
  32. Post election analysis
  33. Obama's First Step To Take Your Guns
  34. Gun pics here!
  35. Rifle not cycling properly
  36. From Anti-Gun Feminist To Armed Feminist
  37. A LADY Educates U.S. Senators On The 2nd Amendment
  38. News on Obama's attitude toward guns
  39. You don't always need a gun to defend yourself
  40. New revolver
  41. 40 reasons
  42. Happy news about concealed carry in nat'l parks
  43. Blue Ridge Parkway & concealed carry
  44. Charlotte gunshow
  45. Debating a gun control advocate...
  46. He shoots back...
  47. Scumbag gets his just desserts
  48. Death by gun control
  49. The ultimate anti-car jacking device?
  50. Update on carrying guns in national parks
  51. Just a reminder...
  52. Time to cancel that National Geographic subscription?
  53. People are stocking up - read why:
  54. Asshole Brady Campaign sues to stop new CWP policy
  55. Americans taking a stand - finally!
  56. Got the guts to get a gun?
  57. Guy foils stoopid carjackers
  58. The truth about semi-auto firearms
  59. Will Obama challenge concealed carry in parks?
  60. Oh, happy day!
  61. Repeal the restaurant ban
  62. Don't think you need a gun?
  63. Rabidly Anti-gun Executive Takes His Oath Of Office
  64. Bank robber scares woman to death
  65. Ammunition marking
  66. Home invasion repelled by armed homeowner
  67. This shit can happen here...
  68. Democrat assault on gun rights has begun
  69. Pimp gets his ass kicked....
  70. woman vs. .50 cal handgun
  71. Holder wants to renew "assault weapons" ban
  72. Two Great Pro-gun Amendments In The Senate
  73. Vile thug chimps out
  74. Calling All (Soon To Be) Criminals
  75. How not to demonstrate gun safety
  76. Just a typical 11-year old boy!!!
  77. Best bang for buck shotgun?
  78. No Political or Judicial Support for 2A
  79. Best bang for buck rifle?
  80. Best bang for buck cannon?
  81. Must read on civilian disarmament (e.g., "gun control")
  82. What will you do?
  83. Useless eater federal judge
  84. Vile hyphenated name judge issues "injunction"
  85. Not that it will do any good....
  86. The "militia" movement
  87. 202/20 hit piece on guns & gun owners
  88. The American Way
  89. Words to live by....
  90. Profiles in Dickdom: Governor Tim Kaine
  91. Support gun rights? you must be an "extremist"
  92. Ant heads for "gun control"
  93. Obama to push for gun control by treaty?
  94. Car attack kills 5; should cars be banned, too?
  95. Story with a happy ending
  96. Real life charles Bronson
  97. Government Readies Youth Corps To Take On Vets
  98. Senate & House restore "carry" in Nat'l Parks
  99. Obama signs bill re-authorizing "carry" in Parks
  100. Dumb, dumber and dumbest
  101. Vile race-hustler Sotomayor nominated to Supreme Court
  102. Hey... I gots ta know!
  103. Superb course on "practical/tactical" gunfighting
  104. Let the gun grabbing begin
  105. Why decent people need concealed carry permits...
  106. Lessons from Tiananmen Square
  107. Ammo prices
  108. Charley Reese on guns and freedom
  109. Piece be with you!
  110. No wad cutter/inexpensive .45 auto ammo here...
  111. Bersa Thunder .380 plus
  112. Kahr .40
  113. Good news for VA gun rights
  114. Today's outrage
  115. Got a gun?
  116. Blows up!
  117. Local egghead whines
  118. Vote Coming to Confirm Anti-gun Radical
  119. Know this!
  120. Pulled over for his pro-gun bumper sticker
  121. The criminal origins of "gun control"
  122. 83-year-old Motorist Shoots 64-year-old Biker
  123. Gun owners unite against Sotomayor nomination
  124. Gun story you won't get to read about
  125. Buy as many guns as you can, while you still can
  126. Carjack someone ... else!
  127. Taurus Judge "magnum" w/3 inch chambers
  128. Drunk idiot shoots himself in the arm
  129. Went to look at Taurus Public Defender
  130. Anti 2A Sotomayor now in a position to take your guns
  131. MSNB crops/manipulates footage of AR-15 carrying black guy
  132. Finally found some .45 target ammo!
  133. Two kids dead in "gun free" forest
  134. Always have your radar on...
  135. When did you last test-fire your carry arm?
  136. 76 Reasons To Have a Gun
  137. Guns vs. gold
  138. Obama says: Arm the state - disarm the people
  139. Get A Haircut, Win A Gun
  140. Will Arnold sign ammo ban?
  141. Another Anti-gun Kook Joins the Obama Administration
  142. 10 rules for concealed carry
  143. How to debate people who dislike guns
  144. CCW class
  145. A lesson in gun control
  146. Here's why you need a gun...
  147. More evidence the 9mm is a POS round
  148. KY joins Firearms Freedom movement
  149. Mouse guns?
  150. Bought a new gun -
  151. Homeowner kills intruder
  152. Will the military take our guns?
  153. Senate Set to Vote on Another Anti-gun Judge
  154. More Guns Equals Less Crime
  155. Ted Nugent on gun control
  156. Training realistically
  157. Why we need our little friends
  158. Real?
  159. AR-15 Build
  160. The good that guns can do....
  161. Gun Sales Up, Murder Rates Down
  162. One one-thousandth of 1 percent
  163. One Thing Stops Multiple Murderers: A Gun
  164. Handcuffed, Disarmed for Obeying the Law
  165. Could Self-Defense Send You to Prison?
  166. Smith & Wesson 642
  167. Quirks of ultra-compact "carry" guns
  168. UN gun ban coming to the US?
  169. Government Thugs Steal Private Arms Collection
  170. Another shooting in a "gun free" school zone
  171. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone
  172. Here's what happens in "gun free" zones....
  173. Guns in Starbucks! Oh, the Humanity!
  174. Hooray For Starbucks And Gun Rights
  175. 2A March on DC - info
  176. Students Resist Colleges, Strap on Empty Holsters
  177. AZ passes concealed carry WITHOUT a permit!
  178. Seven states join gun fight, assert 10th Amendment
  179. Why guns matter
  180. Home defense shotgun tips
  181. Elena Kagan's a (surprise) gun-grabber
  182. Tueller drill
  183. An idiot with a gun
  184. 80-year-old to be charged for defending himself in Chicago
  185. The Most Powerful Handgun in the World!
  186. What can we expect now?
  187. Which Caliber Works Best for Self-Defense?
  188. Kagan on the court bad news for gun rights
  189. Why have .380s become so popular?
  190. Woman: 2 Thugs: 0
  191. Myths and Reality About People Who Carry Concealed weapons
  192. Not everyone in the UK is a gun-phobe
  193. One downside of the Bersa Thunder 380
  194. Hippie buys a gun
  195. Six key ways your lawyer should 'advocate' for you after a shooting
  196. Gun safe for motorcycle riders
  197. Expandable Baton
  198. Anti-gun Zealot Nominated to Head ATF
  199. Why is it that...
  200. Ruger LCP and Meco pocket holster
  201. Police outbid in gun buyback program
  202. Beauty Queen with Pink Pistol.....
  203. Urgent call for 2nd Amendment protection
  204. How the US handles gun regulations
  205. Future of antigun legislation and who is behnd it.
  206. False Flags Fail to Help Gungrabbers' Agenda
  207. 12 gauge shotgun recoil reduction
  208. What's your home defense gun, and why?