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  1. Letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry
  2. Response to Gail's rant via email
  3. Are they going to kill me?
  4. When I think that I've seen it all
  5. Just for Gail....
  6. New videos on the FLDS captive children web site
  7. Will Gail come to our wedding?
  8. Auto break-in
  9. FLDS Debacle
  10. FLDS Comment
  11. Be sweet!
  12. Myth-busters
  13. Duhhhhhhhhhhh
  14. Could Behemoth be a dinosaur? A mighty sauropod?
  15. Court: Texas had no right to take polygamists' children
  16. Vain Imaginations
  17. Quackwatch!
  18. Here's Gail's Theme Song----
  19. Riley Martin
  21. Underage Marriages
  22. Words of William Shatner
  23. Truth will Prevail
  24. No, Ma'ma, that's NOT History
  25. Benny Hinn
  26. Everything you ever wanted to know . . .
  27. FOX stands out for having the heaviest and most issue-oriented election coverage
  28. Richard Dawkins: Archpriest of Atheistic Darwinism Misspeaks????
  29. The Battle over the Bible
  30. Bubba Ho-Tep
  31. MICROSOFT FOUNDER, NFL Owner, Paul Allen, speaks out
  32. Natural Childbearing and mothering
  33. Warren Jeffs and who????
  34. Reflections of a Mother
  35. Did you hear the latest?
  36. A Modern-day Inquisition
  37. INS
  38. The Coming of Tan (just for Gail)
  39. Touch! (for Gail)
  41. Court Update
  42. Another fave: Ernest Angley
  43. On the question of "healings"
  44. FLDS Church Policy Statement on Marriage
  45. Reactions FLDS in the Media
  46. Blatant propaganda techniques
  47. Dry sauna vs Stream sauna
  48. The TRUTH about "The God Makers"
  49. Feminization of Little Boys
  50. 5 black presidents before Obama; Obama 1st Arab President
  51. Illuminati- News
  52. Facts given to Eric's Fables
  53. New FLDS letters
  54. Muslim Women Rejected at Obama Rally
  55. The Abolition of Truth and Morality
  56. doing nothing worth prosecuting
  57. CPS, Judge Threatened American Foundation
  58. The cold, cruel facts of abortion
  59. Glenn Beck of CNN
  60. 18 girls, 16 and under make pact to get pregnant
  61. Route 66
  62. The LDS Taliban
  63. Banner ad today
  64. Question for Gail
  66. YAWN
  67. A BLack National Anthem
  68. Happy 4th of July
  70. What planet do you live on?
  71. WMD
  72. O.K. the boy has lost his mind
  73. T. Boone Pickens
  74. Irish E-Mail
  75. NMSL
  76. Where did everyone go?
  77. What GM really needs...
  78. Have you ever wonder . . .
  79. Volvo's list of road trip tunes
  80. English Law for Truckers
  81. America, Why I love Her
  82. Universal Health Care
  83. No gas for Police Officers
  84. CA Earthquake
  85. A Thought-provoking & True email
  86. Americans not given the same safety warnings as Europeans
  87. New country under Obama
  88. The Dark Knight's flaw
  89. Send them back for a Vote
  90. Here Gail - let Paul Craig Roberts explain it to you
  91. More on "freedom" for Gail
  92. More speed camera fun
  93. If Only
  94. The Law of the Garbage Truck
  95. The Age of American Unreason - great interview....
  96. Russia calls The Chimp's & neo-cons' bluff
  97. Pravda on The Chimp (more honest than NY Times!)
  98. 6 Cities That Were Caught Shortening Yellow Light Times For Profit
  99. Devastating article on the impact of 133 million Mexican "immigrants" by 2050
  100. The Man without a Country
  101. Commentary by Ben Stein
  102. All Americans Need to View This Video
  103. Have you earned your desk?
  104. Six Degrees of Separation
  105. Did you Know?
  106. The value of George Orwell
  107. The Real McCain
  108. Bush to Putin, "Get out now!"... Putin to Bush, "Nyet!"
  109. FJI
  110. And None Dare Call It Treason—McCain Advisor's Georgia Connection
  111. A Review of Bugliosi's book, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"
  112. You all think your insulated
  113. Ah know how hard it is to put food on your family!
  114. 2008 Democrat National Convention
  115. Fascism, anyone?
  116. Wonder Woman for VP
  117. Goutman's choice
  118. Goutman's pick redux
  119. Goutman's latest
  120. Goutman and The Chimp -so happy together!
  121. The Eye of the Tiger
  122. Goutman as Shire Reeve?
  123. I Love the USA
  124. Remember 9/11
  125. Here's what Palin People are voting for....
  126. Palin and McCain: Can Two Walk Together Without Agreement?
  127. Sarah Palin has achieved one thing....
  128. The truth about Palin and her "Bridge to Nowhere"
  129. Another McCain Free Trade Success Story
  130. Stop Islamists
  131. Been gone - - - long gone
  132. Kaitlyn Maher
  133. Fred says it best, as usual
  134. Iraqi War
  135. Some more "straight talk" for Gail and fellow Chimponians
  136. Why are Conservatives Conservative?
  137. Who will you vote for?
  138. Thanks, monkey-man....
  139. Ron Paul on Chimponian financial collapse
  140. The white headed cockroach
  141. More lies of the white-headed cockroach
  142. Sarah Palin and the Rapture - are you ready for the Jesus Hoover?
  143. Sarah Palin and the Founding Fathers
  144. Chimponian socialism for the investor class (and the "free market" for us)
  145. Do you really want this... ?
  146. Chimponian fraudsters make their play
  147. Terror Attack before U.S. Election
  148. Sarah Palin e-mail Hacker
  150. You want FACTS? Read this!
  151. George Will on the white-headed cockroach
  152. white-headed cockroach caught in another lie
  153. Palin says $30 billion pipeline is "god's will"
  154. Palin in her own words on the "bridge"
  155. Palin being "annointed" against witchcraft
  156. Let's take a poll
  157. Latest vacuous statements by Palin
  158. We think our politicians are bad
  159. McSame dodges debate
  160. Ron Paul on the Second Great Depression
  161. Bush the Socialist and Destroyer
  162. Letterman stomps the white-headed cockroach
  163. Un film for Gail
  164. This and That and Stuff like That
  165. Shadows on the wall
  166. Chimp recycles his "give me uchecked power, immediately, or else" speech
  167. Even National Review --->
  168. What are the Duties of the Vice President?
  169. Some eye-opening "FACTS."
  170. A pistol-packin' Looby Loo: the Left's worst nightmare -
  171. Gails Awesome Achievement
  172. Palin's contempt for the rule of law
  173. Palin's version of "US Americans"
  174. We used to think this was funny; soon it'll be in the White House....
  175. Obama: I've got a bracelet too !
  176. Obama's Missouri Goon Squads
  177. Obama Flip-Flops on missile Defense...
  178. What Happens when we Die?
  179. A Jewish Friend
  180. Ghost Car
  181. Palin, "young earth" geology and men walking with dinosaurs
  182. Why I'm Voting for John McCain
  183. Bailout or Extortion
  184. America's Future: Sarah Palin
  185. That's All, Folks
  186. Even National Review part 2
  187. Bill Clinton agrees Democrats caused this Financial Crisis
  188. Have you seen this?
  189. And you are worried about Bush being a dictator
  190. New-Clear
  191. I'm voting Democrat Because....
  192. O.J. Framed...Again
  193. Everybody should watch this
  194. Chimponian food for thought
  195. Judge rebukes Chimp on indefinite detention without charge
  196. Incoherent rambling
  197. McCain's Love for the Middle Class
  198. Chimp down to 28 percent; presidency rated among worst in U.S. history
  199. Watch the white-headed cockroach explode with rage
  200. Top Muslim in America calls Obama the Messiah
  201. The Christian Agenda....
  202. Obama supporters speak out...
  203. Check Out The Facts
  204. Obama one of the dumbest people I have ever heard of
  205. The Left Side Speaks--- Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
  206. Some friends of Gail's....
  208. Our Hobson's Choice this November
  209. White trash girl, she's been livin' in her white trash world...!
  210. What do David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, David Frum, Peggy Noonan, and George Will
  211. White-headed cockroach has Saddam-snuggler as head of his transition team
  212. Bush Strategist: McCain Knows He Put Country At Risk With Palin Pick
  213. To help you envision one possible future:
  214. What you should know about the white headed cockroach's health history...
  215. Where's Gail
  216. White headed cockroach looked like he was about to blow last night...
  217. Another Gail!
  218. Why I'm voting Democrat
  219. Call it like it is
  220. Sarah Palin's clone
  221. The Palin Plunge
  222. Religious belief - and Palin
  223. He Just Can’t Quit W
  224. Wow! This YouTube is Great!!!!
  225. Colin Powell sprays some Raid on the white headed cockroach
  226. Times expose hits the street about white headed cockroach's medical history
  227. Even the conservative Chicago Tribune has endorsed Obama
  228. Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan on Failin' Palin
  229. Even Alaskans have had enough.....
  230. What more and more (real) conservatives are saying...
  231. Evita Palin goes on $150k shopping spree with campaign donor's money!
  232. Palin now biggest drag on Grampy's ticket
  233. Idiot Palin trollop claims VP "in charge of the senate"
  234. Brought to you courtesy of The Chimp....
  235. Watch the white headed cockroach blink and stew as he votes 90 percent w/Chimp!
  236. Why I will be voting for Obama
  237. Take Sarah's advice:
  238. The white-headed cockroach is getting really desperate now...
  239. Ayers is a "terrorist" but abortion clinic bombers? I don't know, says Palin
  240. Ode to The Chimp
  241. The new Chimp?
  242. GOP Sen. Ted Stevens now a convicted felon
  243. Chimp's approval rating drops to 19 percent
  244. More reason to hope the GOP is blown out of the water on election night
  245. Did the white-headed cockroach kill someone back in '64?
  246. Another Republican for Odumbo
  247. Palin A "Whack Job," Top McCain Adviser Says
  248. An American idiot....
  249. Top McCain aides: "Palin simply knew nothing about issues"
  250. Socialist or National Socialist? Take Your Pick