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  1. Whites In Minority Among New Births
  2. More Insurance Maggots
  3. Improper use of a firearm
  4. Obama is closer to McCain than you might think
  5. Judge Judy lays into layabout
  6. Smokers
  7. DC Bus Driver Drills Maggot
  8. Maggot trucker on I-295 just a few hours ago.
  9. Tareq Salahi
  10. BofA is scared
  11. Somebody needs to pay ...
  12. Santa Maggot
  13. We're on our way to becoming a turd world nation
  14. The Kentucky Bend
  15. Ban High IQ Applicants for Police Academy
  16. 90 Yr Old WWII Vet Shoots Burglar
  17. Illegal stop & search in Illinois
  18. Picked the wrong store to rob
  19. Never rely on public services.
  20. Just another anti-gay Christian
  21. Detriot Fun Facts
  22. They're back!!!!!
  23. Maggot Extraordinaire Hillary Clinton's Dead Pool
  24. Current Conservative/libertarian purge by GOP
  25. Tariffs
  26. Australian fruit just became 15% more expensive
  27. CT - HS Senior arrested, suspended from school, for posting pictures of AirSoft rifle
  28. Damning report on the Parkland shooting