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Valentine One Radar Detector

  1. For the females (and guys, too...if you want to chime in)
  2. Thank your mechanic
  3. Headers for the Elky - does this sound good?
  4. FRAC the enviro-goonies! <rant>
  5. Now it's the water pump
  6. Sacrilege Redeemed
  7. Tips for saving your hands
  8. Got the Elky back from the shop today!!
  9. Have your boobs ever gotten in the way?
  10. Dinner etiquette
  11. House buying questions
  12. 'Nuther etiquette question
  13. testing
  14. Driving in Dallas
  15. Traffic Stop Cautions... for Women
  16. Traffic Stop Cautions... for Women
  17. Wine, whine, and more wine!!
  18. Thermostat?? Elky is still overheating
  19. Welcome to the Redistribution of Wealth
  20. Another reason to Audit the Fed
  21. Eye examination
  22. A night at the opera~
  23. Storm safety?
  24. Packaging advice
  25. DIY: Replacing the splash guard on the disposal
  26. Women's-specific holster
  27. Elky's first road trip
  28. Question on gas/gas tanks??
  29. Spiders!
  30. EP is getting attention~
  31. Rearview mirror adhesive?
  32. Greeting cards
  33. Under the hood insulation?
  34. Garage flooring
  35. Lurching?
  36. Anit-lock brakes?
  37. How come..
  38. Getting new engine...need advice
  39. Eric's interview on LRC
  40. Techy advice, please