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  1. Don't be a jock sniffer... grow a brain!
  2. Why care about "the game"?
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  9. College ought to be about education...
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  14. Good sporting event
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  17. The typical idiot American
  18. QB JaMarcus Russell Arrested for "Purple Drank"
  19. When will this insanity end?
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  21. Watch LeBron Chimp Out
  22. Notice how sports verbiage has infected work?
  23. Another afa-lete "role model" charged
  24. Scumbag afa-lete freed after brutal assault
  25. Which pro sport has the most criminals?
  26. Yet another thug afa-lete assaults a woman
  27. Today's Ape-alete thug...
  28. Another Ape-a-Lete runs amok
  29. Idiot Fuuuhhhhttttball Fans
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  31. Seinfeld explains fuuuhhhhhhtttballl worship
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  33. The South and The God of Football
  34. John Elway's $15 million Fail
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  37. Bloated loser whines, "We" were the best team in the NFL
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  39. A measure of the stupidity of Americans
  40. If it lived next door...
  41. Fuuuhhhhtttball player chimps out
  42. Nils Lofgren on thug scumbag Michael Vick
  43. Snow does some good!
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  52. xxx
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