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10-28-2008, 09:34 AM
You may not have been watching the battle that is brewing over concealed carry in the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, Georgia, but it may end up affecting you where you live.

Because of what's happening in Atlanta, the Transportation Security Agency could decide to allow airports across the country to ban firearms in areas that currently allow for self-defense.

It all began when Georgia passed a new law allowing permit holders to carry guns onto state parks, into restaurants that serve alcohol, and onto mass transit (such as the non-surveillance areas in airports).

The Hartsfield-Jackson airport responded by defying the state law and banning firearms throughout the entire airport, including areas where drivers pick up passengers.

This has resulted in a court battle, where presently, a federal judge ruled in favor of the airport's ban. Now, the TSA may step into the fray by permitting airports across the entire country to ban firearms in those locations that are outside of the boarding areas.

Federal law prevents passengers from bringing firearms past airport checkpoints. But in many states, passengers are allowed to bring guns and knives into areas such as the pick-up points and the main terminal. This is what could change very soon.

"Any decisions we make that affect (Atlanta) could affect every other airport in the country," said TSA spokesman Christopher White to USA Today (8/7/08).

What's at stake here is not the ability to take guns past surveillance points. What's at stake is the right of self-defense outside of these areas -- especially where drivers are either dropping off or picking up passengers.

In other words, drivers who have permits are the ones who would be affected the most because they would now have to leave their guns at home -- thus contradicting the very reason they got a concealed carry permit in the first place... the fact that they wanted to carry their guns outside of the house.

ACTION: Please urge President Bush to put the squeeze on the TSA. This president should certainly understand the bad-politics of imposing a gun ban right before an election.

10-28-2008, 11:22 AM
This would mean that you couldn't ship your unloaded firearm in your checked baggage, as people have for years (despite the high theft rate by TSA inspectors and airport employees).

Chip H.