View Full Version : Vile hyphenated name judge issues "injunction"

Valentine One Radar Detector

03-21-2009, 09:04 AM
It lasted for only two months.

This January, it became permissible for those with CC permits to also carry in National Parks, including the Blue Ridge Parkway. Not one incident of violence or crime involving a CC holder occurred (predictably; CC holders are statistically among the least likely people to be involved in criminal activity of any sort and virtually nonexistent among the ranks of those who commit crimes with firearms.)

Nonetheless, the forces of civilian disarmament - in particular, that braying fishwife Sarah Brady - succeeded in getting a termagant, hyphenated-name federal judge to issue a "temporary injunction" suspending the right to carry in national parks.

Reason given? Some idiocy about the lack of an "environmental impact" study - a legalism used by this bitch judge to impose her anti-freedom, pro-crime agenda.

I'm furious about this latest assault on the right of honest citizens to have at their disposal the means of self-defense - particularly given the times we live in and the reality of sudden, random and gratuitous violence - even in "safe" places such as national parks.

These people - Sarah Brady and the rest - are either catatonically stupid/naive or malevolent. I'm not sure which is worse.

But "F" them all. I hope Judge Kotex-Kotelly someday has to confront an armed thug when she is disarmed and helpless, the condition she appears determined to impose upon the rest of us.

I would not shed a tear if I were to read that she - or any other advocate of civilian disarmament - fell victim to some hideous crime. Harsh? Not on your life - because what this judge and those of her ilk are doing is putting our lives at risk. They would render us defenseless against the worst elements out there, against whom the police can do nothing, or do nothing in time.

It's despicable.