View Full Version : Biblical literalism (but not really)

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07-28-2009, 07:18 AM
Many Christians claim the Bible is literally true yet most of them (virtually all of them) ignore or downplay the parts that are either completely indefensible (such as not "suffering a witch to live" or stoning to death those who commit adultery) or which demand they follow such ascetic practices as eschewing material possessions and rejecting family members for the sake of service to God. Indeed, the Catholic church is one of the richest organizations in the world - with a Pope who wears Prada and gets chauffeured around in a custom-built Mercedes G-Class that probably cost a quarter million dollars. A lot poor people could be fed with the money that ride cost. Shouldn't the Pope walk? Or maybe ride around in a $3,500 used Corolla?

According to the tenets of the Faith - as written in the Bible - an ascetic such as Mother Theresa is far more in sync with the faith than the Pope.

The point being - not even Christians take their faith seriously. They just take the parts they like and brush the other parts under the rug....