View Full Version : End tax-exempt status for churches?

Valentine One Radar Detector

08-10-2009, 07:38 AM
Not far from our place, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, there is a gorgeous piece of property - an estate, really. Probably 100 acres of land, with a large stone gothic cathedral and several other buildings. The land alone is easily worth $1 million, if not more (which around here is big money). But the owners pay less in taxes than we do on our 8.3 acres. In fact, they pay nothing - because they are a tax-exempt religious group and we're just secular suckers who exist to work to pay taxes.

Now, wasn't there something in the Bible about turning away from material possession (let alone material riches)?

And yet, we find that often enough, some of the most valuable land and finest buildings in a given area are owned by the church. Indeed, the Catholic church is enormously rich (ditto the Mormon church and the "church" of Scientology and countless others) with the officials living in splendor (fine clothes, fine cars, nothing but the finest foods) while enjoying tax-exempt status.

Does anyone else find this obnoxious?