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12-22-2009, 12:05 AM
JUst discussed this with several of the local farmers this morning, at the local breakfast gathering spot.

Based on their shared views, a survival kit is going to require a bit of continual work, as the requirements entale it if you think food seeds should be a part of this kit.

Apparently over 85% of the crops grown, and eaten now are what is called grown from GM (genetically Modified), seeds, the majority modified not to reproduce plantable seeds, just the grain / vegetable for consumtion, so that you have to buy seeds from the powerhouse's like Monsanto.

Of the rest, almost 50% is being continually tainted by pollenation from those GM fields, with the seeds from that, in question (of course the reverse is also happening, with questionable outcomes, not counting the offending GM maker sueing to force heritage farmers to stop it, yea, right).

So, if plant food / fruit is part of your requirements, you might figure out the do's and can't do's to make it happen, you know, buying and storeing so called "Heritage" seeds, althou, herbs will be the hardest part, as almost impossible to long term store such, as usually need to grow yearly since it stores poorly.


12-22-2009, 07:05 AM
I've been following this - one aspect that's pretty disturbing is that, according to reports, farmers who use their own (not Monsanto/not GM) seeds have been sued by Monsanto for patent infringement because some of their crops had been inadvertently pollinated by Monsanto/GM stock - and thanks to a demented Supreme Court ruling, Monsanto has a patent on not just their seeds, but any seeds (or plants) produced anywhere that have any relationship to Monsanto/GM stock. In effect, Monsanto owns the patent on living things (plants) and not just that, but virtually every food crop in the US.

I despise mega-corporations and the corporatocracy that rules this country....