View Full Version : Why should Churches be tax-exempt?

Valentine One Radar Detector

08-03-2010, 08:14 AM
I mean, beyond a certain point... c'mon.

I'd prefer that none of us be forced to pay obnoxious taxes - especially taxes on real estate, which reduce us to renters, at best.

But given that you and me and everyone else out there is forced to pay massive taxes at all levels, why is there not more outrage about the tax-exempt status of high-living churches and religious groups?

Why, for example, should the Catholic Church be entitled to hold title to multi-million dollar real estate in prime locations.... tax free?

Why should a priest get to ride in a Benz S-Class limo and wear silk suits while you and I have to get by in our heavily taxed 10-year-old Corollas and off-the-rack stuff from Target?

I've got no issue with religions owning modest property to house their priests, provide space for their congregants and "good works," etc. And I'd even be ok with allowing them to own a basic transpo vehicle, tax-free.

But the way it works now is an outrage. Not just to us taxpaying suckers, but also to the suckers who go to the gilded churches and listen to these silk-suited shysters "preach."

Christianity's pretty damn clear on this point: You're not supposed to be into material wealth; just the opposite, in fact. This one - unlike a lot of the rest of the stuff that's in the Bible - is not really subject to interpretation or differing opinion. Yet most Christians let it pass right on by.

Meanwhile, they're worried about the fags... and "family values."

And they wonder why more and more people ain't buyin' what they're selling.