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Valentine One Radar Detector

10-15-2010, 06:19 AM
Are you guys sick of this yet?

Even privately made/posted videos - YouTube and otherwise - increasingly have some pushy god-damned ad trying to force-feed you some shyster product that you have to endure before you get to the video (or which pop up during the video).

I'm at the point of can't-take-it-anymore and immediately close the video/don't watch any further if one of these god-damned ads pops up.

Our entire culture is becoming one gigantic, relentless, inescapable orgy of shyster consumerism. BUY! Now!

10-15-2010, 08:52 AM
If you look closely there is a small "x" you can click.

It's a necessary evil bro!

You Tube has the market on video streaming and ease of embedding.

The cattle must feed..

10-15-2010, 03:47 PM
Dom, your argument would be supportable if YouTube didn't _also_ have static advertising, _not_ embedded in the video, just like every other webempire that supports itself nicely by selling ad space.

10-21-2010, 09:33 AM
BUY! Now!

If everybody would go out and buy a few things, it would fix this economy overnight. Even if most of it comes from China!