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Valentine One Radar Detector

01-11-2011, 05:18 AM
Please post something - even if it's just an introduction - on one of our boards. If you don't post, we'll suspect you're a Spammer and you risk being banned/deleted. New "members" who haven't posted after a couple of days are typically flushed.

Also, please create a user name that sounds not-like-Spam. Examples of Spam-like user names include:

artcilepersonina articles939i@aim.com

Coobsexashest* bloygalonrenu@gmail.com

Gecrearanunda* terryshad@gmail.com

These are just a few of the dicks - probably "bots" that signed up as "members" recently.

I've had to periodically close access to registration because of the volume of these dicks attempting to infiltrate our site. I'd like to send them AIDs over the DSL; failing that, let's just keep them outta here.

Anyhow, please help us keep these dicks in check by following the steps mentioned. If you have any problems registering - or your registration has been inadvertently deleted as suspected spam, just shoot a note to EPeters952@yahoo.com and it'll get handled.

Sorry for the hassles. It's not us - it's these &^%$#)!! spammers! :mad: