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02-27-2011, 08:05 PM

Motorsports Dude take:

This was a superb race. NASCAR did everything they could to slow the cars down and they failed! The brand new 20 million dollar asphalt allowed the cars to eclipse 210 mph in the (3) preliminary races leading up to the Great American Race.

Mid-week NASCAR announced they were slowing down the cars with a smaller carburetor restricter plate. Speeds were reduced from 210 to 206 mph. This is critical as the design of the car is not supposed to go airborne under 210.

A real surprise when a 20 year old unknown - Trevor Bayne stayed in the top ten all day and won the race outright. It was his FIRST Spring Cup Race! He had quite a few starts in the Nationwide series, but never really came close to winning one. Lots of action and as this was the first race of the season - Stupid thing happened! I wish Daytona was not during what should have been a warm-up event.

Note: Many of the favorites did not perform as expected. As there is no restrictor plate on the cars that run in Phoenix on the 27th, we should see more traditional results.

Here are the Official Results