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Valentine One Radar Detector

12-28-2013, 07:27 PM
My clue bag is empty when it comes to writing a book. I do know there are chapters though.

Defensive Driving I'd image would be the longest chapter and more than likely be a recurring theme throughout the book.

Driving Etiquette

Vehicle Maintenance

What if Game

Dealing With Cops, Clovers, and Other Assholes

What to do in an Accident

What to do if you see an Accident

12-29-2013, 01:52 AM
Thanks for kicking this off, Dom, and for setting up my forum account.

I think defensive driving is the perfect way to start the book and that chapter should probably begin with a message relaying the fact that defensive driving isn't what they teach in drivers ed or those clover school get out of a ticket classes (I believe Eric made a post about those once that pretty accurately sums up what they are about). I think we might also want to include a section on driving with and without all the aids (like anti-lock brakes) that are so common.

I do have one question: what do you mean by What if Game?

Continuing on, now would be a great time for anyone to volunteer to tackle specific sections or to make suggestions. Even if you can't contribute much or if duplicates are made everything will help. Even basic driving advice like "if you have a flat tire in the ghetto, say 'fuck the rim' and keep driving until you get somewhere safe" is useful.

A great deal about driving is common sense, but people (especially impressionable young people) have had, and will keep having, their common sense propagandized out of them in favor of following 'the law' so don't hesitate to cover the obvious.

12-29-2013, 09:28 AM
Thanks for kicking this off, Dom, and for setting up my forum account.

No problem, and thank you.

I do have one question: what do you mean by What if Game?

Made up scenarios in your head and what you'd do to deal with them. -Like visualizing

12-30-2013, 01:51 AM
I think we should probably have a chapter about driving in adverse conditions -- heavy rain, high wind, ice, snow, so forth. I could work on that, if you'd like; I have a pretty healthy amount of experience with those sorts of things. If there are any hot-climate hazards, though, I don't know about those; like are heat mirages a real thing, or do they only happen in cartoons? :-)

12-30-2013, 02:47 AM
Thank you for stepping up, Darien. Most climate related hazards are winter related, and those that do occur from the heat seem to be, well, hot. Mostly engine overheating, I think, which means go slow, turn your heater on, hang your head out the window, and head for the parts store. Mirages seem to happen at a distance and, when driving, evaporate before they become a serious issue, though I have never drove in conditions much over low triple digits.

I'm currently bouncing a multitude of ideas through my head, especially relating to Dom's 'What if Game', which is an excellent inclusion that I had totally overlooked (what else am I overlooking?). When someone decides to tackle a particular subject they can create a thread for it whenever they are ready, or add to an existing, relevant thread. Whether you want to put out a firm draft or list of ideas before you get into it is up to you. Any help at all is appreciated, even an offhand idea could be gold. I hope to take full advantage of crowdsourcing to support epautos and our future driving experiences.

12-30-2013, 06:57 PM
When I was driving through Wisconsin on my way out here, my engine started getting *real* hot. We pulled off at a gas station and I opened it up to find a very large hole in the top of the radiator tank. So overheating I've experienced. :-o

How about putting a compiled "Field Guide to the North American Clover" in here? Group up the Clover Taxonomy posts, add in some of the better reader entries, come up with a few new ones. That could be a bit of fun.