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07-21-2006, 09:08 AM
A new use for the new GTO: Cuffin' and Stuffin'
By Eric Peters
for immediate release

The new GTO may not be doing very well in the civilian market -- where sales are neck and neck for last place with Pontiac's latter-day Edsel, the Aztek -- but cops are taking to the reborn muscle car icon like a 16-oz cup of coffee and a dozen Bavarian creme dougnuts.

I spied my first one maybe three months ago; a red one that at first seemed to be just a new GTO -- the first one I'd seen near where I live. Then I caught those wig-wag lights on the dash; but otherwise it looked dangerously, deceptively stock. The kind of car you'd be tempted (well, if you were me!) to slide up next to at a light, gun your engine and "see what she's got."

The surprise would be an ugly one.

I thought maybe it was an aberration -- an asset-forfeiture/drug seizure vehicle turned to police service. But then in the paper this morning, there was an article about the Boones Mill, Virginia (not far from where I live in rustic Floyd, Va.) acquiring a brand-new "Goat" for service as an unmarked pursuit vehicle -- a role for which the GTO's 350-hp V-8 and a six-speed manual transmission are ideally suited.


And you can bet your bippie that if small town departments like Boones Mill (a real- life Hazzard County if ever there was one) think it's worth the scratch to buy GTOs for high-speed pursuit/traffic enforcement, big city departments are going to follow-suit.

It's only a matter of time before you find yourself being pulled over for a piece of payin' paper by a reborn legend. And if you plan to run, son, you'd better be packing some serious heat. The '05 GTO's will have even more horsepower -- an almost-NASCAR 400-hp, in fact -- and have 160-plus top-speed capability.

The long arm of the law just got a lot longer!

The GTO's useable back seat is also much better for "cuffin' and stuffin' fleeing felons than the cramped confines of a Camaro Z28 -- the other "stealth" pursuit vehicle many departments have been using for high-speed work during the past decade or so. But Camaros have been out of production since the '02 model year -- and the miles are racking up fast. No Smokey worth his radar gun wants to be saddled with a tired-out Camaro -- especially when there's a newer, faster ride in town. In particular, one that most people would never associate with an undercover Smokey (unlike, say, a plain-looking Chevy Impala or Ford Crown Vic with blackwall tires and one too many antennas).

That's what's so sneaky about turning the GTO into a cop car. Everyone knows that only AARPers -- and cops -- drive boats like the Crown Vic. So it's fairly easy to pick them out of a crowd; if you see blue hair, you're clear. But if it's a guy under 50 alone -- red light! Slow down; ease behind that semi -- and ride it out.

But a GTO?

Who's gonna suspect?

If you're interested in boning up on the opposition, it's worthwhile to check out the online publication, Police Fleet Manager (see http://www.pfmmag.com ). Believe it or not, they actually publish all the details about current police service vehicles -- which models are in use, what they're packing, etc. This is like being in WW2 and having access to a full intelligence briefing on German or Japanese capabilities.

Very handy!

Boning up on what's being deployed could definitely save you a ticket. Meanwhile, be extremely wary of any new "Goat" you come across out there. It's just as likely to be Johnny Law as it is to be a guy looking to race for pink slips.

Forewarned is forearmed!


07-22-2006, 06:42 PM
I have also seen a few sleeper Chargers with those well-hidden wig-wag LEDs.

07-22-2006, 10:43 PM

but cops are taking to the reborn muscle car icon like a 16-oz cup of coffee and a dozen Bavarian creme dougnuts.

QLD Police have a few of them here also. ..but they are well marked

Interesting last sentence comment about the stellar run.... Then why end production. I don't notice many of them as private cars on the road...or is it that they re not really noticeable ;)

07-23-2006, 08:51 AM
Yes, me too.

DC is selling fleet/policer service versions all over the country... everyone be warned and learn to "ID" these cars in the same cautionary category as a white/grey/dark blue Impala or Crown Vic (without the AARP sticker)!