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Valentine One Radar Detector

03-05-2007, 09:17 AM
Here are some more possible ride ideas for the coming warm weather...


* State Route 67, Colorado -- This one's for you dual-sport riders; roughly 126 miles, all told -- with an unpaved section from the famous Cripple Creek/Pike National Forest /Phantom Canyon area to the junction at U.S. 50 near Canon City. The entire route runs parallel (north and southbound) to Interstate 25 -- with the city of Colorado Springs roughly at the mid-point. Cripple Creek is a wonderfully scenic area, with both sight-seeing and shopping opportunities. A tourist railway line runs between Cripple Creek and Victor.

The other big attraction along the way is 14,110-foot Pike's Peak (and Pike's Peak Highway) west of Colorado Springs near Cripple Creek. This is a very steep ascent (you'll go from around 7,000 ft. to about twice that elevation in less than 20 miles) with quickly noticeable changes in air temperature and climate. Watch for snow -- and bring warm weather gear. Allow at least two hours to make a round trip journey up and down Pike's Peak Highway.

For more infomation about Colorado Route 67, see: ww.motorcycleroads.us/co.html

For 3D terrain-following maps, see: www.keyhole.com

For information about Pike's Peak, see: www.pikespeakcolorado.com


* State Route 11, Scenic Byway; Fort Kent to Medway, Maine -- This is a very pleasant cruise in rural northern Maine, close to the U.S.-Canadian border. Part of the route runs along the East Branch of the Penobscot River, along rolling farm country -- with dramatic views of Maine's highest point, Mount Katahdin. The 5,200-ft. peak also marks the northern end of the Appalachian Trail, so hiking and camping opportunities abound.

This route is great for cruisers or sport bikes and can be ridden at varying paces with equal enjoyment. The Fish River Valley area is particularly scenic. This is moose country, however -- so be very careful at twilight and during the morning hours -- when these very large ungulates may suddenly appear in the road.

For 3D terrain-following maps, see: www.keyhole.com

For more information about Route 11, see: www.byways.org/browse/byways/11513/

For more information about Mt. Katahdin, see: www.mtkatahdin.com

Texas/Gulf Coast area:

* Blue Water Highway/Route 3005, Galveston to Surfside beach, Texas -- This 41 mile stretch of eye candy runs along the barrier islands between the Gulf of Mexico and West Bay. It can be picked up from I-45/Galveston or from the Lake Jackson area and Route 332.

There are a number of attractions in the Galveston area you may want to stop for, including Seawolf Park on Pelican Island -- where you can check out several Naval WWII-era Naval vessels, including the submarine USS Cavalla and the destroyer escort USS Stewart. The ride on Route 3005 itself takes you past coastal homes ranging from million-dollar mansions to humble shacks -- and everything in between. Many places to stop, shop and gas up along the way, too. The roundtrip makes for an enjoyable, leisurely long afternoon cruise -- or day trip. For longer excursions, keep head south past Lake Jackson and on toward Corpus Christi -- or up the Gulf Coast from Galveston toward Louisiana.

For More information about Route 3005, see: www.motorcycleroads.us/roads/tx_fm3005.html

For more information about the Galveston area, see: www.galveston.com

03-05-2007, 09:54 PM
While in Galveston, be sure to go to the east end of the island and ride the free Bolivar ferry across the bay and back. Don't wait in the long line of cars waiting to get on the ferry; go up the left lane, then park in the parking lot by the ferry and walk on. It's free, since it's part of the Texas highway system. You'll get to see Seawolf Park from the wet side, and maybe dolpins will play around the ferry. At the other end, don't get off, and just ride the ferry back.

07-23-2008, 09:23 PM
One more ride couldn't hurt...

On the way back from Lake George, NY to New Orleans, LA, I detoured off I-66 in response to a radio report about a road closure, and discovered...

US211 between Warrenton and New Market, VA. Wow.

Gently rolling hills, just a little too steep for the Z28 to chug over in sixth at 55 (~1150 rpm). Fifth was just right. Two lanes each way, with a super- wide median so oncoming lights are obscured by hills or trees.

Not much traffic. Okay, it was oh- dark- thirty on a Sunday morning.

Oh, yeah. Two mountains to cross, with too many switchbacks to count.

Fourth gear up, third gear and a little braking, and sometimes a lot of braking, going down.

Lots of decreasing radius curves, wider and better marked than any I've ever seen... and for good reason. Some got me down to first gear.

Caution is advised for another reason; deer. Five groups of juveniles in ten miles around Thornton Gap, just standing in the road, and not moving. Go by real slow, and don't startle them; you don't know which way they'll jump.

It must be gorgeous in daylight. I'll find out one day...

07-23-2008, 09:40 PM
One other note from the same trip..

I-59 from Chattanooga, TN to Slidell, LA is pretty boring all the way through AL and MS, except..

right in the middle of Laurel, MS is what can only be described as a chicane.

Yes, on the Interstate. With an exchange in the middle just to make it more interesting. Or to provide more revenue for the local collision industry.

You have to wonder what they were thinking...