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05-09-2007, 10:20 PM
Happened to run across 2 pictures online that I felt those on here may enjoy seeing. Now lets all remember motorcylcing 1 on 1, you should be riding the bike, not the bike riding you and you should stop without the aid of using a cager. I guess some people just don't use smarts when riding, maybe that would explain why in this past month, I've only seen one biker out there actually riding with safety in mind bearing that he had on full face helmet, a bike racing jacket, jeans, boots & full finger gloves. It is few & far between that I actually see someone in my city riding with proper gear, as I'd say 9/10 riders I see are riding with a maxinum of jeans, short sleeve shirt, fingerless gloves, regular shoes, no helmet & a pair of sunglasses. The worst I've seen is one on a crotch rocket doing a whillie about 80MPH in a 55MPH zone, riding the whillie for atleast 1/2 mile, and had the least protection on that I've ever seen & that is no shirt, no gloves, riding barefoot with no helmet. The only thing he had on was short pants & a pair of sunglasses. I guess some people just have a death wish when out there riding, or they have no commen sense.

Be safe, stay on 2 wheels & watch out for those cagers.

05-10-2007, 07:45 AM

That first pic... he had to be flying to do that kind of damage (to the car)!

On the second - looks like a wheelie gone bad....

I don't mind wheelies on the dirt. I figure if I mess up, the worst that happens is I get dirty, maybe the bike gets dinged up a little (but dirt bikes are built for that and are pretty hard to seriously hurt). On the street? I'll raise the front wheel a little bit, but full-on "riding wheelies" are not for me. I have friends who will do that athighway speeds - and that, to me, is nuts. If your balance is off, something goes wrong, the consequences are going to be painful and expensive. Anytime you drop a street bike, the cost to replace plastic and other easily-damaged parts gets huge quickly. And dropping a 400-500 pound bike at highway speeds on hard asphalt is a good way to get yourself hurt even worse than the bike.

05-10-2007, 11:43 PM
Eric you make a good point about people doing wheelies. Doing it on a dirt bike on the dirt is completely oppossite as doing it on a street bike going down the road. As far as that 2nd picture I posted, it appears to me that he was trying to do a wheelie on a race track & it went a little wrong. I think almost any rider on a sport bike have a tendancy to want to get the front wheel off the ground, which under proper precautions I can see doing it. You are definatetly correct about doing more damage to yourself than a bike. I had a friend of mine that I used to hang out with several years ago & also went through high school with that was killed on his Kawasaki Ninja 1200 while doing a wheelie about 65 MPH. A truck pulled out in front of him & he didn't even have time to get the bike back down on both wheels before he struck the back end of it. The bike actually didn't recieve much damage other than some tore up plastic & a slightly damaged front end. However he was killed instantly, keeping in mind he flew about 20 feet before striking the pavement head first. He had a full face helmet on but it was a non proper fitting helmet & wasn't even buckled, so it flew off in the accident & other than jeans & a coat on he had no leathers or anything on. He tore up his body so badly they had to do a closed casket funeral on him. I mean we all know riding is dangerous & that you take the risk of being killed as you will never win on a bike accident, when you decide to ride a wheelie at high speeds, especially while going down an open road in which you have to worry about not only the asphalt but cagers getting in the way as well, is just completely idiotic & is pretty much asking to be killed. To be completely honest I don't feel much sorrow for people like that, as my sorrow is for their family & friends they leave behind, as it was their stupidity that caused an early death. Those of us bikers I mainly feel sorry for when killed is those that were taken precautions to avoid their death, such as the couple that I moved to the morgue 2 years ago that was riding side by side with full leathers on & helmets and following all traffic laws, however was hit behind by a cager not paying attention, knocking them off their bikes & than being ran over by another cager coming the oppossite way, causing both of them to in pieces (2 bodies laying in about 10 different pieces) with several pieces being baked on to the pavement as it was a 110 degree day out & we literally was scraping them off the pavement. I know it may be sick & gross to some & for those who don't wish to hear it I apologize, however its the truth of what can happen. Those are the ones that have my sorrow, as they took every precaution they could & it was cagers not paying attention that caused them to die, not their own stupidity. Its a shame anytime someones injured or killed, especially another rider, but when someone takes no precautions & is riding with nothing except plain stupidity, its hard for me to feel sorry for them. That comes from my experience of having people I know injured & killed on bikes, along with being someone who did rescue calls before my MVA injuries & have worked somewhere around 25 motorcycle accidents, both of which included those using precautions & those involving straight stupidity. I apologize for my rambling on, however I guess if even one person that rides using plain stupidity like I've discussed reads this & decide to take what I say to heart & stops or it helps save one life, than its all worth it. Afterall all of us riders have to remember 2 things when getting on our bikes and that is accidents do happen & can happen to you...as well as regardless who causes the accident or who's fault it is, the one riding the bike will always loose, therefore its better to ride responsibily & with some protection for that one time and accident occurs, than to ride with no responsiblity & no protection as you will pay when that accident occurs. One perfect example is my non-bike MVA that I was in and was injured and my life turned completely oppossite of what it was. I never dreamed it would happen to me, however once again accidents including life changing accidents do happen & can happen to anyone regardless how safe you are, so its better to take some precautions than none, especially on a bike. Thankfully it happened to be in a car & not while I was on my bike, as if I would have been on the bike at the time, theres no doubt I would have been killed instantly regardless how much protection I had on. I'd rather look stupid riding with full gear & riding responsibily than riding no protection & being idiotic on the bike, that way when an accident occurs atleast I have some protection to keep me safer.

Everyone stay safe out there.