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Valentine One Radar Detector

Dave Brand
03-07-2008, 03:47 PM
Sunday's my first race meeting of the season. However, we marshals aren't totally idle during the winter - apart from all the club dinner dances, etc., a very important event is the training weekend.

The training day at my local circuit, Oulton Park, was Feb 9th/10th. Take a look here:


for some pictures.

Towards the bottom you'll see a series of shots of the on track incident handling exercises. In quite a few of them you'll see a black Alfa - that's mine. The object of these exercises is to assess the performance of Incident Officers, the people who control teams of incident marshals, in a series of simulated incidents. Although it's all done at low speed, it's great fun if you're driving.

In one picture you'll see my car pulled up in front of a red Lotus Elise. The scenario here is that he'd tried to pass me on the inside coming out of the chicane & taken both of us out...I believe Paul, the Elise driver, & I have been nominated for Oscars for the fight scene!

In the last sequence I'd pulled up with a simulated breakdown in a very dangerous position position - right on the apex of a bend, in a position where drivers would only have seen the car when they were committed to the bend. The two people who went to the car decided to add realism by pushing it to a safe place - it's a pity there are no pictures showing the look of horror on my face as I watched my car rolling back towards the Armco with both of them shouting 'get the handbrake'! Memo to self: next year,at the briefing, point out that these are road cars - if the ignition's off, the steering lock's on!

A fun weekend,with a serious purpose...

03-08-2008, 02:54 AM
Good stuff, Dave.

I was all ready to express concern about the Alfa as a lost tourist response practice,

neat looking car. Does it go?

Oulton park doesn't look like a very easy track to go fast; that brow of the hill would be scary if unsighted. I used to admire the Britbike racers like Barry Sheene and Tony Jeffries.

We in NZ have just hosted Jackie Stewart a fine Scotsman he is, and he has had 57 friends killed in motor-racing in his 9 year career with three world F1 Chamionships. One of his friends is Chris Amon who still lives here. When Jackie was walking an Auckland street last weekend he met his old chief mechanic by sheer chance, Tryrell (sp?) team three years. How strange is THAT?

In 1964 the top echelons of F1 you had after 5 years a 60% chance of being killed.

Not sure if they have lost many since Ayrton Senna.
We lost a V8 saloon driver on a street circuit last week, high impact 220km/hr-wall