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"The Shell station here that is usually the most expensive in town had $4.209 for premium for the past few weeks. With this week's price hike they're at $4.299."

We already have a couple of gas stations asking for five bucks (really $4.999) per gallon for 87, about 15 miles south of San Francisco (San Mateo).

We also have some gas stations closing because some gas stations cannot afford to buy the gasoline at today's price.

Well done guys, you are getting there slowly. My local price, converted to US gallons and dollars, $8.419 per US gallon, ($10.615 per UK gallon). I'm all for equality so I'm petitioning our beloved Chancellor of the Exchequer (may he burn in the sulphur pits of a mythical Hell, preferably before he dies.) to reduce our taxes to bring our gas down to your prices. :'(