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yes, there were lots of 6-cyl camaros
none of them wore a Z28 or SS badge (afaik)
That's true. But Chevy has built six-cylinder/non-V-8 SS versions of other cars. And there's the previously mentioned (and very successful) V-6 Turbo Trans-Am.

I see no reason why the Z28 has to be V-8 powered. "Z28" doesn't mean "V-8." The name was originally just an RPO (regular production option) for the 1967 Camaro, just like the Z51 handling package for the Corvette.

I'd much rather see a successful turbo direct injection V-6 Z28 (or SS) than an unsuccessful V-8 Z28. For more than one reason (better gas mileage) too. If the '09 Camaro flops - that will be the end of it, permanently. GM will not try again - and the car will cease to exist forever.