Want some tips on increasing fuel mileage? Try these.

Head to the Doctor and get that lead removed from your right foot. A lighter foot and smoother acceleration will add quite a bit to your range and not add much time to your trip.

Lighten the car up too. Take your anvil collection out of the trunk until you go to a convention. Every extra pound is a pound your engine has to burn fuel to move.

Don't put anything on the outside of your car that doesn't need to be there. If you need those roof lights, fine. If you don't need them, they drag the wind and will eat extra fuel.

Ever notice how the car will shudder when you Turn on the a/c? Other items on the engine also cause drag from the power available. In 1971, advertised horsepower dropped not because of a change in engine but because of the way they were tested. Gross horsepower was the old way and net was the new. Net is with all the accessories installed and operating. If you have a lot of electrical devices, the alternator drags noticeably.

What size tires are you running? The stock size tires are usually quite adequate. Run wider tires than stock and you increase rolling resistance.

Drive through windows also eat a lot of fuel. You get zero miles per gallon idling there and they are usually slower. When I stop by the donut shop on the way to work, cars will be lined up around the building. I'll go in, get my healthy breakfast (coff coff) and come out and the same cars will still be there. Plus, if you eat donuts, you really need to walk them off too.