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Thread: TomTom Rider 2.

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    TomTom Rider 2.

    This is the new version of my own TomTom Rider. A useful piece of kit which I have adapted to feed through a subsidiary speaker when I use it in my car. My only gripe is that the handlebar clamp provided does not fit my CBR6RR as the PCD between the mounting holes is too small - but I am working on it.

    Thanks to Alan Dowds, Superbike Deputy Editor, for the article reporduced below.

    May 20, 2008 - Alan Dowds
    A few years ago, satellite navigation on bikes seemed like a pointless faff – a nerdy gadget for the όber-geeky, or the Sam Browne belt touring brigade. But as we've got used to the idea, and bike-specific units have become cheaper, a GPS sat-nav device seems like a much more reasonable idea. After all, you can't just pull out a map and start reading it on your bike.

    So we were pleased to see a new bike-ready satnav unit from TomTom. The curiously-named firm hosted a launch event at a swish London hotel today (Tues May 20) where it showed off the new second edition of its Rider model, together with other more car-biased units.

    The biggest changes to the Rider satnav are in the software. So the unit itself remains fully waterproof (to IPX-7), with a large, clear 3.5 inch touch screen, a handy RAM mount system that fits most bikes, and a built-in five-hour battery (as well as fittings to wire into your bike). You also get a smart Cardo Bluetooth headset which attaches to your helmet to give you audio instructions (the main unit has no speaker, to increase waterproofing), and has a microphone for mobile phone handsfree use.

    The new software is pretty impressive. TomTom has put a lot of effort into getting users involved in its map updates – so if you find a new piece of road, or a new speed camera, you can mark it on your unit. Then when you get home and plug the Rider into your PC, it sends the new info to TomTom's website, where it's checked and updated on the firm's maps. These updates are then downloaded to your unit, keeping the mapping as up to date as possible.

    There's also a massively useful new emergency section within the Rider unit. If you press a button, the unit can direct you to the nearest hospital, police station or garage. It can also give you the phone numbers of the nearest police, breakdown service or hospital too. It gives basic first aid tips on-screen, and even has a section on how to tackle basic breakdown tasks. Current Rider owners can also download the updated software from TomTom, giving them the newer functionality too. Finally, the unit boasts a new 'itinerary' function that lets you plan more complex routes and travel plans into the unit for longer trips.
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    Re: TomTom Rider 2.

    Reckon they will be well priced too!

    The ultimate version will have mobile phone and comms included
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