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Thread: 2009 Yahama V-Max unveiled.

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    2009 Yahama V-Max unveiled.

    With thanks to Alan Dowds, Deputy Editor, Bike Tester Extraordinaire and superscribe, of Superbike magazine fame;

    Well. Sometimes the bike firms really get the bit between their teeth, and go a bit mental when they present a new bike. And for the relaunch of its legendary V-Max, Yamaha has definitely put on a bit of a show. It bussed hundreds of journos to an old airfield outside Madrid, where it had put on a 'Speed Spectacular' show. Cynical hacks were assaulted by a crazed display of top-fuel drag cars and a jet-powered dragster, rounded off by no less a sight than the Spanish airforce's jet fighter display team. Not even a truly histrionic commentary by telly commentator Toby Moody could put a dent in the performance.

    There was a point to all this of course, and it whizzed up the drag strip piloted by ex-GP racer Patrick van den Goorbergh. It was the much-anticipated new V-Max, and it looks to be a corker. The basics are pretty straightforward - a 1.7 litre V-four motor, churning out over 200bhp in a cast aluminium frame. Running gear looks top-notch, with R1-style six-piston brakes and adjustable suspension front and rear. It's a touch lardy, at 310kg wet with a full tank, but the huge 123 ft-lb of torque should negate that, in a straight line at least. Yamaha's also crammed in its current armoury of technology, including its ride-by-wire throttle and electronically-controlled variable intake setup.

    You're going to have to pay for all this though. The new V-Max will set you back around 16,000 when it hits UK dealers around November And there's a pretty involved buying process too - you have to register on the internet, and have a bike allocated to your local dealer. You'll get the chance to make a custom name plate for the bike, and it's essentially going to be a limited, premium bike. (US price will be circa $18,000 as far as I can determine. - Ken.).

    A few facts I have been able to find;

    Peak Power around 200bhp @ 9,000rpm - not bad for a big lump of an engine.
    Peak Torque 166.8Nm @ 6500rpm.

    Electronics - Yahama's own GENICH technology (Genesis in Electronic engineering aimed at New, Innovative, Control Technology based on Human sensibilities - Yeah Right! Got that you lot? Wake up at the back.)

    Fly by wire technology uses the Yahama Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) and the Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) - all good stuff.

    Wheels are 18 inch with a massive 200/50/R18 at the back.

    The chassis is all new with an aliminium diamond type chassis using a combination of extruded sections, gravity cast parts and CF die cast elements. The engine is used as a stressed member.

    Front forks are massive 52mm jobbies adjustable for pre-load, compression and rebound damping whilst the rear suspension is Link type Monocross and, again, is fully adjustable.

    Brakes sound good at twin 320 front discs with radial 6-piston calipers whilst a 298mm rear disc is hauled up by a single piston sliding pin caliper. ABS is included as part of the braking package.

    The bike as presented will be limited to 220kph but I guess the tuning boys will soon have an answer to that little problem. As I understand it only 2500 bikes will be made this year.


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    Re: 2009 Yahama V-Max unveiled.


    Looks a the best V-Max ever. The 200 horsepower is impressive but the torque is "out of this world back snapping torque". I imagine this would be one really fun bike to ride.

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