A couple of weeks or so ago, at the Lincoln BIG Bike Fest I ordered a set of custom moulded earplugs. The master moulds were taken there and then, a quick, simple and painless procedure and delivery was promised (and achieved) in two to three weeks. I think it will take a few tries before I can slip them in as easily as the old 'Max' throwaway protectors I have used up to now. Once fitted, however, the noise attenuation is dramatic although the acoustic modeling allows the transmission of speech frequencies with little attenuation. I had the plugs made in a softer version of the usual material and I must admit they feel very comfortable. Hygiene is simply a matter of wiping them after use with a damp cloth or tissue and then drying them on a clean paper towel. I was finally convinced to buy by the fact that, having had my bike noise tested at my last Cadwell trackday, I was aware that at only 7000rpm the noise level was 95dB's. At 13,000 or so it is way over 100dB's. Another small consideration was that, whereas most firms charge around £70 - £90 for a set of plugs this vendor PLUGZZ (www.plugzz.co.uk) was offering sets to Wolds Bikers club members for £40.

I shall be trying the earplugs out on the next club ride-out on Monday, all being well, I shall update this thread when I have found out how well they work on-bike.

Which plugs do you guys use, do you use earplugs at all, if not, why not? - discuss.