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Thread: doing nothing worth prosecuting

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    doing nothing worth prosecuting

    The Salt Lake Tribune of June 14, 2008, reported that the FBI had conducted a federal civil rights investigation of the FLDS Church in 1985 at the request of Brent D. Ward, U.S. Attorney for Utah. The investigation concluded that the FLDS Church “was doing nothing worth prosecuting,” and the case was dismissed without any charges being filed.

    All Americans need to take a hard look at the direction our country is heading. When we add these new efforts to target a religious culture to the blatant abuses of civil rights by Texas authorities in the YFZ episode, it is obvious that our nation is already far down the road to becoming a police state. Is the level of governmental control to which the FLDS people are being subjected really what America is all about? And if such abuses of power are allowed to continue, how safe are any of us?

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    Re: doing nothing worth prosecuting

    Police state? Thank the Gingrich Republican Revolution of 1994, and eight years of Bush rule.

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    Re: doing nothing worth prosecuting

    Quote Originally Posted by misterdecibel
    Police state? Thank the Gingrich Republican Revolution of 1994, and eight years of Bush rule.
    Buckle your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride. :P

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