Arianna Huffington on The Chimp, the GOP and the 2008 election:

Writing about conservatives backing Barack Obama (dubbed "Obamacons"), Bob Novak reported this week that Colin Powell will likely endorse Obama. Given Powell's popularity and national security cred (tarnished though they may be by his loathsome pre-war presentation at the UN), this would be a coup for Obama. But Novak documents something even more significant: the overpowering sense of revulsion with Bush and today's Republican Party felt by many conservatives. The money quote is delivered by a long-time GOP loyalist: "The Republican Party is a dead rotting carcass with a few decrepit old leaders stumbling around like zombies in a horror version of Weekend With Bernie [sic], handcuffed to a corpse." I didn't think it could be done, but that tops Republican Rep. Tom Davis' classic "If we were dog food, they would take us off the shelf."