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Thread: Metal thefts getting worse

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    Metal thefts getting worse

    Kendrick Edwards has spent the last few years buying and restoring old automobiles and just started working at the Pittsboro Body Shop a month ago. So when two of his seven cars were stolen within three weeks of each other, he knew where to look.
    He just didn’t think they’d both be crushed by the time he got there.

    “I just had this feeling they were going to be at the scrap metal yard,” he said. “I had been selling cars there -- not stolen ones -- myself.”
    Scott Thompson, co-owner of TT&E, said he gets about 20 police inquiries a week about metal theft.

    “There have just been a rash of incidents,” he said. “Unfortunately, there's not a great tracking system in place so there's only so much we can do.”

    Chip H.

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    Re: Metal thefts getting worse

    How sad two beautiful old cars crushed for a few dollars.

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