As to the enviro-terrorism that our government and special interest groups are waging against us, you may want to check this out: http://news.aol.com/article/nasa-tes...on-mars/112891.

It appears that our woefully under-funded, under-appreciated, and once upon a time, arguably the nation's #1 source of pride has discovered good ol' H2/0 on Mars. Odd. Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system, and millions of miles further away from the Sun than Earth. But, yet, they're finding water, or at least, ice transforming into water.

I'm not a chemist, physicist or astronomer, but is it not just possible that if water is flowing over there (even if they are warming the ice to get it), maybe the Sun really is becoming hotter (you mention this to a global warming freako, and they'll have a breakdown). Follow my likely flawed logic here: A hotter Sun could therefore account for an increase in Earth's global temperature.

Resultantly, I maintain that it's just possible that an enormous nuclear reactor, namely the Sun, likely trumps any global damage a 1970 Charger could possibly cause (or any other man-made carbon emissions source, for that matter). Hell, even the meteorologist who founded the Weather Channel has recently shown a chart that shows a direct, unmistakable correlation between low solar intensity, which corresponded with our last ice age, and high solar intensity, which correlates with our current warming cycle.

Just a little Tennessee, down South, common sense for your consideration.