Those nice people at Superbike have been looking at front brakes, in particular the new, quick change, road/track system from PFM. The article below, by Kenny Pryde, explains what it is all about.

PFM, a British firm with a high reputation in the brake business, has introduced a new wave brake rotor complete with a 'revolutionary' fitment system which allows you to swap between fancy-dan wave brake rotors and conventional shaped rotors. So, if you want to fit one pair for the track and one for the road, well, now you can.

We got a call from PFM and had never heard such passion expressed for disc rotors. But PFM is convinced that its product is better than most of the rest and as good as the biggest brands in the world. Bold claims.

Here's the info we requested. Needless to say, since some of us are using aftermarket wave disc rotors, we're intending to do a comparative test soon. In the meantime, here are the claims:

Profiled Rotors
Unlike many of the other wavy rotors on the market which in essence are stock discs with shapes cut out of them, our profiled rotors are following the mission of PFM branded product in producing a real performance upgrade.
PFM Brake System's street replacement rotors provide a bolt-on performance boost to your bike. Our Profiled rotor is a winner that provides instant improvement over a standard OEM rotor.
Made from hardened and refined low carbon Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel. Guarantees little rotor wear and best performance.

They are laser-cut, CNC-machined and surface finished by precision twin grinding to provide perfect parallel and flatness. This ensures a perfect feel with more stopping power over OEM discs while applying less pressure to the brake lever.
Profiled design provides optimal cooling and brake pad cleaning without tilting of the pads.
Profiled rotors can be used with any type of brake pads including sintered bronze, kevlar and ceramic carbon pads.

As always from PFM the centres are machined from high quality 6082T6 billet aluminium, but the big news is in the design! Not only is the centre lighter and better looking, but the rotor can now be changed without removing the disc from the wheel !

For racing
The seconds it takes to change two rotors means that when you change a wheel the new wheel has brakes ready to go and matched with the pads.

For road/Track-day
The Profiled rotor with its cool looks and improved performance over stock discs, along with the unique quick change system offers you a choice of brakes to best suit the moment.

For ultimate performance, just slip on our unrivalled lightweight Ductile Iron rotor for your race or track-day, a quick change to the Profiled rotor for sexy looks and performance every day.

Phew. Those look like serious claims. In the meantime, if you are curious or in the market, check out PFM at, or call them on 0871 666 1360.

Thanks, Kenny.