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Thread: Your new $6,000 Tata Indica!

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    Re: Your new $6,000 Tata Indica!

    I suppose that when the "NEW DEAL" kicks in (Obama & Company), that will be the demise of the old classic car. Kind of like California back a few years that wanted to get all the old cars off the road because they were 'polluters'. The offer was $750.00 and your $100,000.00 classic was on it's way to Japan to become a Datsun or a Toyota. Folks need to "WAKE UP" or there will be no freedom of choice. What you see is what you get, and you won't see much, will you. I'm in the senior or Autumn part of my life. I know we may have screwed up a few things, but you have to admit, that we did bring a lot of technology into this new generation. Just go back 50-60 years, and see what was and what wasn't. :

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    Re: Your new $6,000 Tata Indica!

    I wonder if the Tata is as good a tow vehicle as the Trabant?

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