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Thread: Want to save gas? Lose weight!

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    Want to save gas? Lose weight!

    Americans are now pumping 938 million gallons of fuel more annually than they were in 1960 as a result of extra weight in vehicles. And when gas prices average $3 a gallon, the tab for overweight people in a vehicle amounts to $7.7 million a day, or $2.8 billion a year.

    After aggressive driving, carrying around extra weight in your vehicle is the #2 cause of higher than expected fuel consumption. But after storing the golf clubs and other unneeded stuff from your car in the garage, what's left? You.

    Chip H.

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    Re: Want to save gas? Lose weight!

    I did have a brother-in-law that could not under stand why he didn't get the milaged the dealer said he should get. After seeing what he carried in it, it was a small Buick, He was lucky he could get down the road. You see, he was a minister, He carried fans to stay cool while traveling, of course Bibles, plus his clothes, snacks, and i do not know if he had room for the spare or not. He also weighed about 250 pounds, on a five foot eight inch frame. When his wife went, the cargo doubled. Tried to tell him why his milage sucked, But he felt there was something wrong with the car. There was. It wasn't a truck.... :

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