In celebration of its 75th Anniversary, Esquire Magazine and the new Ford Flex make publishing history with the first-ever digital cover. The magazine merges print and electronic technology in a first-or-its-kind electronic cover that represents the best-in-class technology available from the Ford Flex crossover.

The ground-breaking cover of the October issue of the magazine and the double-page advertisement for the Flex inside the front cover gives the illusion of moving words and images of Ford's newest crossover "electrifying the night," courtesy of flexible electronic display technology produced by E Ink, the same company that developed the technology used in's e-book device, the Kindle. The display provides an exceptional reading experience on an electronic screen that looks and feels like paper.

"This cover is both a breakthrough for magazines and an expression of the theme of our anniversary issue," said David Granger, editor-in-chief, Esquire.

"The entire issue of the magazine is devoted to exploring the ideas, people and issues that will be the foundation of the 21st century," he said.

With its futuristic design and cache of advanced technologies, the new Flex fits in perfectly with the forward-thinking concept of the magazine, "The 21st Century Begins Now," according to Jim Farley, Ford Group Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

"Flex is a breakthrough vehicle for Ford, and the Esquire opportunity offered us the chance to show the vehicle in a way we could never previously have imagined. This is an industry first for both brands," he said. "Ford has a long and rich history of breaking down barriers and bringing to market new technologies for the masses, so this opportunity fits our brand perfectly."

Both Flex and Esquire are changing the faces of their respective industries, according to Usha Raghavachari, manager, Ford Crossover Marketing Communications.

"The Esquire E Ink magazine showcases technology that is changing the media landscape," she said. "Flex offers similar game-changing technology, such as SYNC and SIRIUS Travel Link, which is clever enough to find you the cheapest gas in your area and direct you to that filling station. Flex is a daring type of vehicle that comes to life when you see it moving," said Raghavachari. "Our target customers like both print and digital communications and this is a really cool way of bringing the two media together."

Esquire will distribute 100,000 issues with the special cover – each with a built-in battery that will keep the display active for as long as six months -- on newsstands. The magazines are available at Borders, Barnes & Noble and select newsstand vendors.

The Esquire ad is the latest in a series of unique marketing efforts designed to communicate Flex's distinctive personality which includes a heavy emphasis on experiential marketing, as well as initiatives with companies including Apple and Xbox.

"This is not an ordinary marketing campaign," said Raghavachari. "This is more of a brand campaign designed to give Flex an identity."