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Thread: Top Seven Super Luxury Sports Cars

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    Top Seven Super Luxury Sports Cars

    US News and World Report ranks the top 7 Luxury Sports Cars:

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    Re: Top Seven Super Luxury Sports Cars

    I mostly agree with the list:
    1) porsche 911 - no doubt, this is the king
    2) Benz SL - I like the AMGs best, but any SL is going to be good
    3) Benz CL - Less convinced on this. The AMGs rock, but the standard CLs? Not so much.. too old-man
    4) Lexus SC - definitely dont agree. ugly and slow. it may have luxury, but totally lacking in sport
    5) Jag XK - I would've picked the aston version over the jag, but I cant say anything bad about this car. I think it should be ranked around the CL
    6) Viper - disagree with this pick. Lots of performance, no luxury. You get more luxury from a corvette.
    7) XLR - this definitely belongs on the list, but I'd put it higher than the Lexus (if you must list it). could be sportier
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