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Thread: Who will you vote for?

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    Who will you vote for?

    > This is a great way in helping you decide who YOU want in office!
    > It's a survey, it doesn't give you any idea of who said what, you
    > click on the answer to the question that is being asked. In the end
    > it will tell you who you are leaning towards! Cool!

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    Re: Who will you vote for?

    Hmm, mine came up Obama.

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    Re: Who will you vote for?

    Mine came up McCain, but I was choosing between false alternative answers. I felt like I was forced to accept positions I didn't agree with by both candidates - particularly on Global Warming, Health Care and even taxes.

    ABC is being dishonest by only offering up two garbage pile choices. It is kind of like choosing between toilet waste and three day old vomit. In fact, McCain and Obama make that look good by comparison. Those people are among the most filthy, vile and disgusting creatures around.

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