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I dunno. It seems as if the 1980's was the era of:

Just Say No.
War on Drugs.
Baby on Board.
Drug Tests at work.
The first seat belt law 1984 -NY
The 21 year old drinking age
Photo Radar (first unit in Friendswood, TX 1987)

It is true that things were a bit better, though. Reagan seemed better than Barack Hussein Obama.

By the time George HW Bush took over, jobs were no longer easy to find. I had a hellova time. Things didn't get better till Clinton took over, although that had nothing to do with it.

Well, remember -

Just Say No was only sloganeering (and it was made fun of at the time) while having pot was a minor bust. At the time, pot was still in a different (lower) "schedule" than so-called "hard drugs."

Nooooo Yooik is always the starting point for obnoxious "for your own good" laws. Fucking Yankees!

The economy really began to go to shit after NAFTA and the freeeeeee trade stuff was passed.

Overall, it was much more free in the '80s.

Political Correctness was more of a '90s thing....