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Thread: Why I'm Voting for John McCain

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    Why I'm Voting for John McCain

    Why I am voting for John McCain
    by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace

    In the first presidential debate on Friday evening, I was totally unimpressed with each of the two presidential candidates. On one side of the screen there was a tall dark babbling idiot that looked and spoke more like Alfred E. Newman than a leading candidate. What was even worse was the number of times that he kept saying, I agree with John on this issue. He had absolutely no original ideas on anything happening on the face of planet Earth.

    On the other side of the stage was an experienced senior individual who wanted to reach out to the other side to form a consensus and move the nation forward. In my younger days I studied a lot of natural sciences, especially physics. One of the first rules of motion is that a body will go in the direction determined by the force being applied to it. If you kick a ball to the left it will move to the left. If you kick a ball to the right, it will move to the right. However, when you kick a ball equally from the left and right at the same time, the ball will not move and you will fall on your ass.

    So now, we as a nation are left trying to determine who will lead the United States for the next four years and beyond. Do we vote for a blithering idiot that wants to turn America into a socialist state where everything belongs to the government and not the individual? Or do we vote for an honorable old man that wants to make everyone happy by letting the socialist make the laws of the land.

    Well here is the way I have made up my mind. I cannot vote for Obama because he goes against everything I have been taught from birth. He wants to totally destroy the United States from within. He wants a United States like his father’s homeland of Kenya. He wants every individual to have his own thatched roof hut to sleep in. He wants every village to have a whole gaggle of witch doctors to dance around camp fires to ward off evil spirits. He believes that his government bureaucrats can best determine what each individual needs.

    I will vote for John McCain for one single reason. That reason is his age. Now on the surface your might assume that I am impressed with his over seventy years in age with a store house of knowledge and experiences stored away. He has been all around the world and knows almost every world leader on a first name basis. But that is not why I am voting for McCain. I can tell you why I am voting for McCain because of his age in two words. Sarah Palin.

    Me too!

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    Re: Why I'm Voting for John McCain

    I would never vote for McCain under any circumstance, short of him choosing Ron Paul as a major cabinet member or as VP, however, Sarah Palin is at least far less objectionalbe than that old white headed cockroach unpatriotic, country last free trade sellout destroyer of this once great land. He deserves to rot right next to Richard Nixon, Benedict Arnold, and the other traitors that this country has endured.

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    Re: Why I'm Voting for John McCain

    I'm voting against McCain because of two words: Sarah Palin.

    The choice of Palin as a running mate means one thing -- that the GOP leaders have more to do with this campaign than Mr. McCain himself, she was obviously not his choice. I fear that his cabined and staff will be chosen for him too, by the same people who have gotten this country into its present mess, internationally and domestically.

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    Re: Why I'm Voting for John McCain

    If you mean the war, I understand, if you mean the financial mess, you're uninformed, all parties involved for over 10 years are responsible for the financial mess!

    Time to pay the piper! Just like the generation of the "roaring 20's", we have had a good run, alot of people have gotten rich, alot of people lived off of credit that they didn't have the money to repay! I'm just sick that those of us who lived within our means, did not borrow money that we could not pay off or are debt free, have to pay for the unsound financial practices that the govt. implemented. Because we all know the poor are not going to be paying anything off!

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    Re: Why I'm Voting for John McCain

    "If you mean the war, I understand, if you mean the financial mess, you're uninformed, all parties involved for over 10 years are responsible for the financial mess!"

    Hmm. So, The Chimp and his GOP crew are not responsible for the egregious lack of oversight since 2000? No culpability for not noticing a speculative bubble of historic proportions - and acting to curb the lunatic excesses of Wall Street years ago?

    You're awfully generous.

    And let's not forget that adding to the financial train wreck we're experiencing is out of control government spending and debt; the latter having ballooned like a mushroom cloud under the Chimp/GOP controlled Congress. And as for the debt: There was none when The Chimp assumed the office. At the time, the government enjoyed a surplus - which The Chimp and the GOP Congress pissed away. Now, who be responsible for this, eh?

    Then there's the historic devaluation of the dollar - tied to our rising debt, which is tied to the out of control spending - including the insane multi-trillion dollar boondoggle that is our six-year (and counting) misadventure in Iraq.

    The Democrats well-deserve their share of our spite - but the titanic problems we have now are overwhelmingly the direct result of The Chimp and the GOP, their actions - and their inaction.

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    Re: Why I'm Voting for John McCain

    Even Bill Clinton agrees the dems screwed up the economy!!!!!

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    Re: Why I'm Voting for John McCain

    but the titanic problems we have now are overwhelmingly the direct result of The Chimp and the GOP, their actions - and their inaction.

    no argument on my part.

    I don't believe I am being generous to anyone at this point only to the ones who did object to the unsound financial practices for the past 10 years. From the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act to the current administration.

    and where was the American people when the Glass-Steagall Act was repealled why wasn't there an outcry back then. I know my Grandparents generation was screaming bloody murder when the democratic congress voted to put Social Security out of the private sector and into the hands of the congress. But nobody was listening, nobody was paying attention, it was if this generation forgot or thought they knew better than the generation that came out of the great depression

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