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Thread: BOGOF - Buy One get One Free offer on Dodge.

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    BOGOF - Buy One get One Free offer on Dodge.

    Well it had to come, looks like the car trade, in some areas at least, is hitting freefall over here;.

    Desperate car dealers yesterday aped supermarkets to offer two new £20,000 saloons for the price of one.

    Industry insiders were stunned by the “almost unbelievable” deal. They admitted it demonstrated the car market was in total crisis with sales plummeting.

    You can now buy a Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4i auto saloon with leather seats and climate control – and get another one free.

    Alloy wheels and satnav come as standard.

    Dodge dealers are selling their leftover motors for bargain-basement sums through price comparison website

    The AA’s Vanessa Guyll said: “In 23 years in the industry I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s almost unbelievable.

    “You expect this with washing powders in supermarkets, not cars, which are such a major purchase. Many within the industry will react with shock and horror. There is no doubt the problems in the car market are severe. Dealers have a lot of stock they cannot shift and clearly they are now prepared to do so at a loss.

    Get your winter bargain here. Just a thought, buy one get one free, sell the second one at half price and bag yourself a nice shiny Dodge for ten grand.


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    Re: BOGOF - Buy One get One Free offer on Dodge.

    Wow, that's worse than what is going on here, with some dealers throwing in a free car if you buy a slow-selling large luxury SUV.

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