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    Remember the furore when Compuserve (RIP) changed its software & lost 'threading'?

    Good news - vBulletin has a threaded display option! At the top right of a thread you'll see a 'display modes' menu; click on hybrid or threaded mode & it will open a box above the first post showing the thread map. I prefer to use hybrid mode, as it allows long threads to be displayed in linear mode simply by clicking onto the first post in the thread - useful if there have been a lot of replies since you last viewed the thread.

    Why use threading? It can help make sense of a long thread, particularly if replies have been posted without using the 'quote' facility, which can result in apparently unrelated posts appearing after one another in linear mode.

    You can also set your preferred display mode in 'User CP' 'Settings & Options' 'Edit Options'.
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