Check out this '76 TA for sale on eBay:

Now, this is a very nice car - but my BS detector was triggered by three things I noticed from the pictures....

This car supposedly has only 14k miles on it and is advertised as "all original," and yet -

* Incorrect/newer tires (Eagle GTs). What happened to the factory tires? Surely, with only 14k on the clock, they weren't worn out?

* The paint looks suspicious - specifically, the accent pinstripes, which are very similar to the '79 10th Anniversary TA's. I know '76 TAs pretty well and I do not recall such stripes being offered from the factory. I suspect the car has been repainted at least once.

* The engine color is not correct. 1976 TA engines were painted a deep metallic blue similar to "AMC blue." This car has the (incorrect) early baby blue. Why would such a low mileage car not be wearing its correct/original engine color?

Stuff like this goes to show ya how important it is to be careful when shopping a classic car - especially online. I was able to spot these three significant red flags just by looking at pictures. I wonder what might turn up by actually inspecting the car in person?

The thing that troubles me is the seller is advertising this car as a near-perfect/unmolested original with very low miles - and has priced it accordingly.

From what I can see, he is being inaccurate at the least - dishonest at worst.

Caveat emptor!