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Thread: 40th Anniversary

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    40th Anniversary

    Last steam on British Railways ... the kid says it all.

    Recorded with a cellphone... or similar. The two engines are of a type designed in 1934, and 784 engines were built for one railway alone.

    They are called 'Black 5's because most of them were worked near to death in WW2.

    Two have been restored for this re-creation of a 1968 train (which was actually in sunny weather)... all very British, to the sounds of 'Jerusalem' or if you are in the shower, pick your own.

    The double-headed return in related Youtube

    as here in the first clip,, you have to wait to see the 'Black 5's

    or with the outward journey with the last even marinally 'express' engine from the great age of steam... "Oliver Cromwell". with appropriate kids...
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