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Thread: WW2 German Steam

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    WW2 German Steam

    When it came to the turn in WW2 it wasn't just Stalin, one of the finest generals ever, Rommel, came up against war in bad weather

    sounds like JDM's SAAB in the first clip

    They are trying to save an engine of the type built in Glasgow, although it maybe East German, and the war for the Med was not pretty, neither, for anyone.

    But with all Rommel's skills, the RAF held Malta, so trains, aircraft, nothing but a few men could be landed so as to take Egypt, except a few excellent divisions.

    How he must have wept when he saw his finest men sawn apart, no, defeated, at Alamein, yet this was no simple victory, summer 1942, Montgomery had got all kinds of machines and men into Cairo, but with two divisions well armed, still the war in the Med was such that, well, call it attrition, the Malta Convoy didn't stop free flow of armaments, but Russia was , well, not good.

    Germans might have written and re-written this. JDM thinks Montgomery was a WW1-style General, but he gave power to our NZ Regimental Commanders, Kippenburger not least, and

    when there was extremely fierce resistance from Germans, we had a small amount of autonomy, and it wasn't frontal attrition, it was ugly often violent personal contact

    which together with long range desert groups, which were a law unto themselves, 12 men.. two radio hacks, two exposives men, two drivers, two mad bastards-with-skills one comander one second.. who could do great damage to such as radio and disappear...

    You wouldn't want to meet the 'mad bastards' on a dark night even if you had the best defence... such survived for months at Galliipoli in 'sniper's gully' but they are all dead now. with Turks with similar skills.

    War games don't seem to get it.
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    Here is another clip, from, I think, the movie "The Train", where French railwaymen were trying to prevent a train of art treasures being taken to Germany in 1944.

    The French driver and fireman have been replaced by a German driver, after failed attempts to fool the signalling by the Resistance.

    The Spitfire would have been a worry

    And here is a kinda strange thing made possibly of re-created stuff, but is very 'Dad's Army' and very sad, quite strange, being acted...

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