Here we are at round 3 of the auto bailout fiasco. Without getting into what led them there, I find it utterly unbelievable that congress, which gave away $700 billion to banks, bailed out an INSURANCE company, and allowed regulators to seize IndyMac bank and Washington Mutual has the balls to rake the automakers over the coals over a lousy $34 billion loan package.

These people such as Pelosi and others fly in on taxpayer funded jets themselves... and they have the nerve to bitch at the automakers? At least the car makers still produce something here, while congress does nothing but take money, bribes, payoffs, and "donations" for their continual reelection.

I would like to fill their coffers with a bucket of warm piss and tell the bitch to hand the frigging money over to the car makers. I find it reprehensible how they are treating the carmakers and the workers.

Congress isn't alone in this either. From what I understand, that UAW head just got rid of their jobs bank and has decided to continue to pay the healtcare expenses of non productive retired workers. If I worked for GM, Ford or Chrysler, I'd be after his head.