I am in the market for buying another RV. Nothing too fancy or new because it won't get a lot of use and two doggies will always be with us on all trips. I am thinking about a gasoline powered (diesel doesn't like to sit around ) RV made in the mid 1990's so it will have a four speed auto tranny and be fuel injected and have most other features I am looking for. However, I think most of the EFI used in RV's then are TBI, not MPFI. But I assume I won't notice any difference.

I have noticed most of the RV's of the mid 1990's have one of these three engines:

Chevy 454 CID (7.44 L) V8
Ford 460 CID (7.53 L) V8
Ford Triton V-10 (415 CID, 6.8L)

Of the three engines above, which is the most reliable and unreliable, has most guts and etc?

And should I rule out the V-10 after reading THIS?

Besides, why have the extra parts to go wrong if the engine is going to be smaller than the V-8's?