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Good news!

Actually, you weren't off base to expect TBI. While MPFI has been the standard in passenger cars for a decade, TBI could still be found in vans/commercial-type vehicles. Part of the reason for this, I imagine, is that smog/mileage standards don't apply (or are much less stringent) over a certain GVW and also that TBI is cheaper.
Today, it's confirmed MPFI.

I had to remove the engine cover to see what was going on with a problem that I didn't realize until yesterday (Friday). The only air I could get for the A/C and heater would blow ONLY out from the defogger regardless of what was selected. Obvious vacuum problem.

But what I found was a real shocker, but this shouldn't surprise me all that much. The first thing I noticed is there was NOT a single hose to the intake manifold or even anywhere near it. I found a plug on the only vacuum port on the engine!!! I then found the vacuum reservoir and noticed a lot of melted hose that was ran too close to the exhaust.

Here's what I assume happened. A CarFax of this RV shows THIS:

07/16/2005 California
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Tracy, CA
Title issued or updated
New owner reported

07/19/2005 Vehicle Repair Center Vehicle serviced
ECM repaired

07/19/2005 94,627 California
Inspection Station
Manteca, CA
Passed emissions inspection
09/06/2005 95,992 Service Plan Co. Service contract claim
Vehicle serviced
Electrical sys. serviced

07/08/2006 96,569 Service Plan Co. Service contract claim
Vehicle serviced
Engine serviced

08/03/2007 97,537 California
Inspection Station
Failed emissions inspection

10/08/2008 100,247 California
Inspection Station
Failed emissions inspection
10/22/2008 100,271 California
Inspection Station
Failed emissions inspection
12/17/2008 Vehicle Repair Center Vehicle serviced
PCV Valve repaired
PCV hose repaired
Spark plugs repaired
Ignition wires repaired
CAP/Rotor repaired
Initial timing repaired
Fuel filter repaired
Air filter repaired

12/17/2008 California
Inspection Station
Passed emissions inspection
12/22/2008 Livermore Ford Lincoln Mercury
Livermore, CA
Vehicle serviced

I assume what happened is that it failed the CA smog test (perhaps the vacuum leak was the only thing wrong, but at least I got a tune up out of it as the wires, plugs, distributor cap, fuel filter and all that has been replaced (I know CarFax shows all this as "repaired" instead of replaced). But they were too lazy to replace the hose that ran toward the very front of the TV where the vacuum
reservoir is located, so they simply plugged up the port at the intake manifold! Can you believe it?

Anyway, I ran all new vacuum line and all works fine now. While I had the engine cover open, I decided to add a tach. There's no stock tach in the Chevy Express.

-Don- (Reno)