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Honda pulls out of AMA superbike 2009

Kenny Pryde writes;

Following its withdrawal from the Formula 1 bore-fest, Honda America has announced it wont be taking part in the 2009 American
AMA superbike championship either.

Yes, the official line is that American Honda has withdrawn from AMA road racing in 2009. And here's the press release from sunny Torrance in California:

Torrance CA: "American Honda announced that it will withdraw Team Honda from participation in the 2009 AMA Roadracing Series. This was an extremely difficult decision to make as the racing spirit reaches to the very core of Honda.

The primary factor contributing to this decision is the current global economic situation and its impact on Honda. Although Team Honda will not be in attendance, Honda will continue to be represented in AMA Roadracing through our ongoing support of both the Erion Honda Racing and Corona Honda Racing teams.

We ask that you continue to support the Honda Red Bull Racing team, the Erion Honda Racing team and the Corona Honda Racing team along with all the other Honda Red Riders as they chase the championships and battle for each victory.

While it is unfortunate that the current economic conditions led us to take this action, rest assured that Honda's deep-seated passion for racing has not been, and will never be, diminished."

And the subtext is that following changes to the organisation and regulations of the American superbike championship, Honda is a bit pissed off and the economic downturn has provided all the excuse for the Big H to walk away without losing face or causing offence.

Honda UK insists that there is no danger to the UK domestic race programme which, if true, suggests that BSB really does have some credibility as a domestic race championship.